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Squid - HTTP reverse proxy optimizes web delivery

  •    C++

Squid is a caching proxy for the Web supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more. It reduces bandwidth and improves response times by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages. Squid has extensive access controls and makes a great server accelerator. Cached content means data is served locally and users will see this through faster download speeds with frequently-used content.

nuster - A web caching proxy server based on HAProxy

  •    C

Nuster is a simple yet powerful web caching proxy server based on HAProxy. It is 100% compatible with HAProxy, and takes full advantage of the ACL functionality of HAProxy to provide fine-grained caching policy based on the content of request, response or server status. Nuster is very fast, some test shows nuster is almost three times faster than nginx when both using single core, and nearly two times faster than nginx and three times faster than varnish when using all cores.

knot-resolver - Knot Resolver - resolve DNS names like it's 2018

  •    C

Knot Resolver is a caching full resolver implementation written in C and LuaJIT, both a resolver library and a daemon. The core architecture is tiny and efficient, and provides a foundation and a state-machine like API for extensions. There are three modules built-in - iterator, validator, cache, and a few more are loaded by default. Most of the rich features are written in Lua(JIT) and C. Batteries are included, but optional. The LuaJIT modules, support DNS privacy and DNSSEC, and persistent cache with low memory footprint make it a great personal DNS resolver or a research tool to tap into DNS data. TL;DR it's the OpenResty of DNS.

redis-cache - A persistent object cache backend for WordPress powered by Redis

  •    PHP

A persistent object cache backend powered by Redis. Supports Predis, PhpRedis (PECL), HHVM, replication, clustering and WP-CLI. Forked from Eric Mann's and Erick Hitter's Redis Object Cache.

cache-lite - An extremely lite-weight cache framework, demonstrating how cache works.

  •    Java

The Cache-Lite is an extremely light-weight cache framework implemented in Kotlin, it is for study case. You can check out the source code to learn how caching works and learn how to implement a simple cache framework by yourself.

OpenProxy - OpenProxy is an open source http proxy stack that is a combination of Varnish Cache and Nginx

  •    VCL

The main goal of the OpenProxy project is to create a high-performance open source http and https proxy server for production environments. If you don't want to use both services at the same time, nothing prevents you from using the configurations only for a specific service.

wp-cache-js - A JavaScript-based cache solution for WordPress using the client's local storage or, as fallback, a simple variable storage

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript-based cache solution for WordPress using the client's local storage or, as fallback, a simple variable storage. You can register your own cache implementation if you would like to add support for another type of cache to use in JavaScript, just like you can place a cache drop-in for WordPress server-side.

wp-psr-cache - Object cache implementation for WordPress that acts as an adapter for PSR-6 and PSR-16 caching libraries

  •    PHP

Object cache implementation for WordPress that acts as an adapter for PSR-6 and PSR-16 caching libraries. PSR-6 and PSR-16 are standards established by the PHP-FIG organization. These standards are commonly used in PHP projects of any kind (WordPress is unfortunately an exception), and since this library acts as an adapter, you can use any compatible caching library of your choice with WordPress now. Popular examples include the Symfony Cache Component or Stash.

comet-cache - An advanced WordPress® caching plugin inspired by simplicity.

  •    PHP

Caching plugin for WordPress®. Comet Cache™ Pro is a commercial plugin available at http://cometcache.com. The plugin is hosted here on a public Github repository in order to better faciliate community contributions from developers and users alike. If you have a suggestion, a bug report, or a patch for an issue, feel free to submit it here. We do ask, however, that if you are using the plugin on a live site that you please purchase a valid license from the website. We cannot provide support to anyone that does not hold a valid license key.