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buddy - A simple build tool for html/js/css projects.

  •    Javascript

buddy is a fast and simple build tool for the web. It compiles source code from higher order JS/CSS/HTML languages, resolves dependencies, and bundles all sources for more efficient delivery to the browser. buddy is configurable via js or json formatted configuration files. By default, buddy looks for the nearest buddy.js, buddy.json, or package.json (with a buddy entry). Alternatively, you can specify the path to your configuration file while running the buddy command.

gulp-component - component plugin for gulp

  •    Javascript

This plugin only works with the old 0.10.x version of Component builder, and is no longer actively maintained. Personally I have leaned towards Browserify for simple setups and custom build scripts with component-watcher instead of Gulp. To use Component 1.x with Gulp check out gulp-component-builder or js-gulp-component-build. The filename for built files.

generator-microlib - Yeoman generator for browser microlibs

  •    Javascript

A Yeoman generator for browser microlibs. A microlib or micro-library is a javascript component that has a specific usecase and often a limited set of features. Great microlibraries have no dependecies and don't get in each others way.