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theos - A cross-platform suite of tools for building and deploying software for iOS and other platforms

  •    Makefile

Please note: Theos has undergone a number of changes recently. To learn more, visit the wiki. See LICENSE.md for licensing information.

pulp - A build tool for PureScript projects

  •    PureScript

A build tool for PureScript. This installs the PureScript compiler, the Pulp build tool, and the Bower package manager.

i18n-translate-json - npm module that automatically translates node-i18n JSON files

  •    Javascript

Automatically translates node-i18n JSON files into different languages via Google Translate API. You need a Google Translate API Key.

nabs - Not Another Build System

  •    Javascript

nabs is a compiler that turns a nicely structured YAML file into script entries in your package.json. npm is a great minimal task runner that's already installed along with node. However, a large number of multi-action tasks in your package.json can be hard to manage. That's where nabs comes in. You can write your tasks in much easier to manage format and then compile them into standard script entries. Note: nabs is only designed to work in Bourne shell compatible environments. It's only been tested (thus far) with Node 4.x.

mistry - Builds things so you don't have to

  •    Go

mistry executes user-provided jobs inside pre-defined, isolated environments and makes the results available for later consumption. mistry enables fast workflows by employing caching techniques and incremental builds due to its copy-on-write snapshotting features.

apio-ide - :seedling: Experimental open FPGA IDE using Atom and Apio

  •    Javascript

You can find the debian scripts to package the full application and all the packages here: https://github.com/set-soft/apio-ide-debian.

zeus - An Electrifying Build System

  •    Go

ZEUS is a modern build system featuring support for writing build targets in multiple scripting languages, an interactive shell with tab completion and customizable ANSI color profiles as well as support for keybindings. It parses the zeus directory in your project, to find commands either via a single file zeus/commands.yml or via scripts in the zeus/scripts directory.

baur - baur manages builds and artifacts in mono repositories

  •    Go

baur is a build management tool for Git based monolithic repositories. baur detects which applications need to be built by calculating a digest of the application's build inputs and comparing them with digests from previous builds. If a build with the same build input digest was done previously, a build is not necessary. If the build input digest differs from the stored ones, baur runs a user-specified command to build the application.

jules - A pretty basic build system for repositories with multiple projects.

  •    Go

A pretty basic build system for repositories with multiple projects. Or download the (Linux) binary from our releases.

pacur - Automated deb, rpm and pkgbuild build system

  •    Go

Pacur allows building packages for multiple linux distributions with a consistent package spec format. Currently deb, rpm and pacman packages are available for several linux distributions. Builds are done on Docker containers without needing to setup any virtual machines or install any software other then Docker. All packages are built using a simple format that is similar to PKGBUILD from ArchLinux. Each distribution is different and will still require different build instructions but a consistent build process and format can be used for all builds. Docker only supports 64 bit containers, pacur can't be used to build packages 32 bit packages. Pacur will also create a deb, rpm and pacman signed repository that can be used on ArchLinux, CentOS, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu to distribute the packages. A tutorial on creating a project is aviaible on medium. It is recommended to build the docker images locally instead of pulling each image from the Docker Hub. A script is located in the docker directory to assist with this. Always run the clean.sh script to clear any existing pacur images. Building the images can take several hours.

FRUT - Building JUCE projects using CMake made easy

  •    CMake

FRUT is a collection of tools dedicated to building JUCE projects using CMake instead of Projucer. <generator> can be one of many CMake Generators supported by your platform, including Ninja, NMake Makefiles (on Windows), Unix Makefiles (on Linux and macOS), Visual Studio 2013, 2015 and 2017 (on Windows), and Xcode (on macOS).

i18n-translate - 💬 Automatically translates require.js i18n JSON files

  •    Javascript

Automatically translates require.js i18n javascript files into different languages via Google Translate API. You need a Google Translate API Key.