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build - Armbian build tools

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Supported build environment is Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 x64 (minimal iso image). Make sure that full path to the build script does not contain spaces.

twilio-boost-build - Build tool for boost libraries on android, ios, linux and osx

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Scripts to build boost for different platforms (macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, Linux, Android) and package it as a Maven tarball and/or an Apple Framework. Libraries are packaged in Twilio style, grouped by variant (debug/release) and then by platform architecture beneath the variant. This makes debug/x86, debug/armv7 etc folders that are consumable by Twilio builds.

build-nginx - Fetches nginx and any optional third-party modules and dependencies you specify, such as openssl and PCRE and then configures and builds

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An nginx build tool to really simplify downloading and building specific versions of nginx with different core and 3rd-party modules. Will git --depth 1 --single-branch clone the nginx master branch, configure and build it. Not so very useful...

ui5-tooling - UI5 Build and Development Tooling: Main Repository

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This is an alpha release! The UI5 Build and Development Tooling described here is not intended for productive use yet. Breaking changes are to be expected. Checkout the OpenUI5 Sample App (ui5-tooling branch) featuring a full blown How-to to play around with the UI5 Build and Development Tooling.

bee - 🐝 bee - plugin-based automation - "it's just bash"

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Combine bee with continuous integration tools such as jenkins, Travis CI or TeamCity to automatically build and distribute your applications. bee comes with a set of builtin plugins like changelog, dotnet, doxygen, git, github, ios, unity, version, and more...

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