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reason-react - Reason bindings for ReactJS

  •    OCaml

Then add some files somewhere (don't forget to change bsconfig.json, if needed).

Bucklescript - A backend for the OCaml compiler which emits JavaScript.

  •    OCaml

BuckleScript leverages the existing OCaml compiler and toolchain to produce JavaScript that closely resembles the original OCaml. It isn't a new language. It simply takes OCaml, a fast, pragmatic and typed language, and makes it compile to clean, readable and performant JavaScript code. This allows the users to write in an industrial-strength language while using the existing, familiar JavaScript tools (npm/yarn, bundlers, minifiers, devtools, etc.) and accessing the vast ecosystem from both JavaScript and OCaml.

reason-scripts - :beginner: Create a ReasonML and React development environment

  •    Javascript

Reason Scripts provides a JS-like development environment for developing web apps with the Reason programming language and React. It bootstraps an environment to automatically compile all Reason code to JS, provide features like reloading and bundling, and seamlessly use JS code from Reason. Make sure to install bs-platform globally using npm instead of yarn.

bucklescript-tea - TEA for Bucklescript

  •    OCaml

This is a library for OCaml-via-Bucklescript (though in the future to support native compilation for back-end template generation) that follows TEA/The Elm Architecture as I see it in various incarnations. You can read more about it here.

bs-react-native - BuckleScript bindings for React Native

  •    OCaml

Great that you want to use Reason with React Native! To get everything running are just a couple of steps. Let's assume that you already have a React Native project. Otherwise follow the React Native instructions until you have your app running. and start the watcher with yarn run watch if you haven't done it yet.

vscode-reasonml - OCaml & Reason support for Visual Studio Code

  •    TypeScript

There is an #editorsupport channel on the Reason discord server. If you would like to discuss an idea or need help or have other feedback you can usually find me (@freebroccolo) idling there. The Reason installation steps also installs Merlin for you, so you can skip the Merlin installation in the next section.

tablecloth - An ergonomic, cross-platform, standard library for ReasonML and OCaml

  •    OCaml

Tablecloth is an ergonomic, cross-platform, standard library for use with OCaml and ReasonML. It provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive and performant standard library, that has the same API on all OCaml/ReasonML/Bucklescript platforms. Tablecloth is alpha-quality software, and is pre-1.0. The API will change over time as we get more users. Caveat emptor.

gravitron - a little game

  •    OCaml

this is a little game I'm cooking up, written in Reason, using Reprocessing (a cross-platform opengl-backed 2d-graphics library). Download the osx native version from the releases page.

intro-to-reason-compilation - Ready up!

  •    Shell

Note that this is for the curious people. You don't need to know these things immediately when you start consuming Reason and the rest. If you just want to try Reason, this is the right place to start instead. We start with the most basic OCaml compiler commands and gradually build up to a productive workflow. Each step resides in its independent, fully functional folder.

bs-lwt - BuckleScript bindings for Lwt

  •    OCaml

BuckleScript bindings for Lwt. x is for binding version.

ts2re - Convert TypeScript type declarations to Reason

  •    OCaml

Based on ts2fable. They did all the hard work. Convert TypeScript type declaration files to Reason externals.

alexa-reasonml - An example Alexa skill written in ReasonML

  •    OCaml

This is a rough first attempt at building an Alexa skill using ReasonML. It's messy and my first project in the language, any tips/tricks/suggestions are more than welcome. The "skill" part of this project is contained within src/Index.re and src/HelloWorld.re. The index file contains a router which handles both a LaunchRequest and an IntentRequest called HelloWorld. The implementation of the HelloWorld intent handler is in src/HelloWorld.re.

react-react - Integrating ReasonReact with Erratique's React!

  •    OCaml

In JavaScript-land, it’s possible to program components in a FRP style, by using the popular libraries RxJS and ReactJS. The bridge between the two is usually the library recompose, which provides a function componentFromStream. Since this style allows a great level of composability, I wanted it on ReasonML as well. OCaml (which, as you may know, is completely compatible with ReasonML) also has a FRP library, which also happens to be called React. It has no relationship with ReactJS, it’s much more similar to RxJS.

bucklescript-fizzbuzz - A demonstration of a production-suitable build pipeline for client-side BuckleScript

  •    OCaml

This demonstrates a complete build pipeline for writing client-side code in OCaml. It... We have bsb, the stock BuckleScript build tool, emit ES6 modules, which rollup consumes. Naive flattening yields 47K of JS, but rollup does some simple dead-code elimination (DCE) based on ES6 deep imports, bringing it down to 4K, and then minification tightens that to 713 bytes.


  •    Javascript

This is a simple demo to show that the decent quality BuckleScript std lib achieves even as a transpiler. Comparison is always subjective, please draw the conculsion by yourself.

bs-react-fela - BuckleScript bindings for react-fela

  •    OCaml

Reason/BuckleScript bindings for react-fela. See also bs-react-fela-examples. Fela is a small, high-performant and framework-agnostic toolbelt to handle state-driven styling in JavaScript. It is dynamic by design and renders your styles depending on your application state.

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