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internet-of-buckets - http wrapper for controlling The Internet of Buckets art installation

  •    Javascript

The Internet of Buckets is a 10x5 stack of buckets with RGB LEDs inside. Each is controlled independently by a microcontroller with its own IP address, which responds to HTTP requests. This module wraps the process of addressing and routing to each bucket.There are a small variety of demos under examples/.

google-cloud-storage-node-boilerplate - Boilerplate Node

  •    Javascript

Boilerplate Node.js app for handling user uploads to Google Cloud Storage

Bucket-Balls - Turn your devices into buckets. Impress your friends with "magic" :-)

  •    Javascript

Bucket Balls lets you connect multiple devices (Smartphones, Laptops,...). Each device becomes a "Bucket". You can create some colored balls inside a bucket. If the device supports the "deviceorientation"-event you can slop the balls from one bucket into another. You can create rulesets to define which bucket is allowed to drop its balls in which other buckets. Simply clone the project and run npm install inside the projects directory.