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react-live - A production-focused playground for live editing React components

  •    Javascript

React Live brings you the ability to render React components and present the user with editable source code and live preview. It supports server-side rendering and comes in a tiny bundle, thanks to Bublé and a Prism.js-based editor.The library is structured modularly and lets you style its components as you wish and put them where you want.

bubleify - Browserify transform that compiles es2015 to es5 using Bublé

  •    Javascript

A browserify transform for Bublé to transform ES2015 to ES5. Target specifies a list of environments the output file should be compatible to. Bublè will decide based on this list which transforms should be used.

buble-register - Bublé require hook

  •    Javascript

Bublé require hook. Based on the excellent babel-register and adapted for Bublé.

buble-react-rollup-starter - A simple starter project to build cool React applications with Bublé and Rollup

  •    Javascript

A simple boilerplate for web apps with React, Bublé and Rollup. The aim of this project is to provide a simple boilerplate to get started with React bundled as an ES2015 module via Rollup, compiled by Bublé.

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