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digdug - A JavaScript library for launching WebDriver service tunnels.

  •    TypeScript

Dig Dug. A simple abstraction library for downloading and launching WebDriver service tunnels.

launchpad - NodeJS Browser Launcher

  •    Javascript

Local launchers look up all currently installed browsers (unless limited by LAUNCHPAD_BROWSERS - see below for details) and allow you to start new browser processes.The following browser names are recognized: chrome, firefox, safari, ie, edge, opera, canary, aurora, electron, phantom, nodeWebKit. Not all platforms support all browsers - see platform for details.

testee - Automated cross-browser JavaScript testing made easy

  •    Javascript

Automated cross-browser testing made easy.You can choose to install globally with -g if you wish, but it is recommended that you install per-project so that CI environments and all members of your team have instant access to the same dependencies.

testcafe-browser-provider-browserstack - This is the BrowserStack browser provider plugin for TestCafe

  •    Javascript

This plugin integrates TestCafe with the BrowserStack Testing Cloud.Before using this plugin, save the BrowserStack username and access key to environment variables BROWSERSTACK_USERNAME and BROWSERSTACK_ACCESS_KEY.

hubot-browserstack - A Hubot script to take screenshots with BrowserStack

  •    CoffeeScript

A Hubot script to take screenshots with BrowserStack.Grab your BrowserStack Username and Access Key from Your Account > Automate.

wdio-browserstack-service - WebdriverIO Browserstack Service

  •    Javascript

A WebdriverIO service that manages local tunnel and job metadata for Browserstack users. WebdriverIO has Browserstack support out of the box. You should simply set user and key in your wdio.conf.js file. This service plugin provides supports for Browserstack Tunnel. Set browserstackLocal: true also to activate this feature.

screenshooter - :camera: A tool for generating BrowserStack screenshots from the command line.

  •    Ruby

A tool for generating BrowserStack screenshots from the command line. You will need to provide username and authentication token credentials to use the service. You can do so with environment variables or using a file.

node-browserstack - node.js client for BrowserStack

  •    Javascript

A node.js JavaScript client for working with BrowserStack through its REST API (aka Javascript Testing API), Automate API and Screenshots API. Support this project by donating on Gratipay.

grunt-browserstack-tunnel - Create BrowserStack tunnel

  •    Javascript

Create tunnel between your machine and BrowserStack remote browsers. In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named browserstackTunnel to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

testswarm-browserstack - Integration layer between TestSwarm and BrowserStack

  •    Javascript

This is a lightweight integration layer between TestSwarm and BrowserStack. Use it to spawn BrowserStack workers needed by TestSwarm on demand. It uses node-browserstack to abstract the BrowserStack API. This above command will create and terminate BrowserStack workers as needed according to the information the TestSwarm swarmstate API provides. This command should be executed on a regular interval, either via a scheduler (such as crontab) or by letting node do a continuous loop (using the --run-loop option). Be sure to do start it from a scheduler still in a way that it will only start it if it isn't running anymore (in case of an exception).


  •    Javascript

A Karma plugin. Launches Browserstack.

cross-tester - Utility for automated cross-browser testing with SauceLabs and BrowserStack

  •    Javascript

The tool allows to execute piece of JavaScript code in many browsers (using SauceLabs or BrowserStack Selenium/Appium grid) and compare results for each one. Some mobile browsers on BrowserStack doesn't work really well. It seems like issue of the service, but maybe can be resolved on client side. Help is appreciated.

robrowser - 🤖 Automated frontend tests in different browser stacks

  •    Javascript

Robrowser is a bot to help you test your project in many different browsers and operating systems. Remember, to run you need to configure the robrowser.config.js or .robrowser file at the root of the project.

nightwatch-browserstack - Nightwatch

  •    Javascript

Update BrowserStack session status based on Nightwatch.js test results. Released under the MIT license.

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