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vagrant-ids - An Ubuntu 16.04 build containing Suricata, PulledPork, Bro, and Splunk

  •    Shell

Suricata is configured to startup using the sole "ens32" interface. Rules are stored in /etc/suricata/rules.After installation, Suricata will perform two curl commands to ensure that the detection engine and logging are functioning properly. However, please note that the vagrant build will continue even if the tests fail.

docker-bro - Bro IDS Dockerfile

  •    Bro

This repository contains a Dockerfile of Bro-IDS blacktop/bro. Find a bug? Want more features? Find something missing in the documentation? Let me know! Please don't hesitate to file an issue and I'll get right on it.

nfr - A lightweight tool to score network traffic and flag anomalies

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NFR is a lightweight application which processes network traffic using the AlphaSOC Analytics Engine. NFR can monitor log files on disk (e.g. Microsoft DNS debug logs, Bro IDS logs) or run as a network sniffer under Linux to score traffic. Upon processing the data, alerts are presented in JSON format for escalation. NFR expects to find its configuration file in /etc/nfr/config.yml. You can find an example config.yml file in the repository's root directory. The file defines the AlphaSOC Analytics Engine location and configuration, input preferences (e.g. log files to monitor), output preferences, and other variables. If you already have AlphaSOC API key, update the file with your key and place within the /etc/nfr/ directory.

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