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response.js - Responsive design toolkit

  •    Javascript

Response's main feature is its breakpoint sets. They offer the ability to serve different content via breakpoint-based data attributes. They are best applied with a mobile-first approach. Devs can choose custom breakpoints to create exactly data attributes they need. By default none are setup. Sets are created either by calling Response.create(options) directly, or automatically via JSON stored in a body[data-responsejs]. The options can be a plain object or an array of them.

include-media - 📐 Simple, elegant and maintainable media queries in Sass

  •    CSS

include-media is a Sass library for writing CSS media queries in an easy and maintainable way, using a natural and simplistic syntax. I spent quite some time experimenting with different libraries and mixins available out there, but eventually all of them failed to do everything I needed in an elegant way. Some of them wouldn't let me mix set breakpoints with case-specific values, others wouldn't properly handle the CSS OR operator and most of them had a syntax that I found complicated and unnatural.

breakpoint - Really simple media queries in Sass

  •    CSS

Breakpoint makes writing media queries in Sass super simple. Create a variable using a simplified syntax based on most commonly used media queries, then call it using the breakpoint mixin. Breakpoint handles all of the heavy lifting, from writing the media query itself, to handling cross-browser compatibility issues, so you can focus on what's important: making sure your website looks its best. Breakpoint also allows you to get the context of your media queries from your code, allowing you to write dynamic mixins based on their media query context.

styled-media-query - 💅💍 Better media queries for styled-component

  •    Javascript

Beautiful media queries better than CSS @media for styled-components with ability to specify custom breakpoints. Note: This documentation is for the latest version (v2). We still support v1 syntax but it'll be removed in v3.

breakpoint-slicer - A very quick and efficient syntax for Breakpoint

  •    CSS

Along with Respond To, Breakpoint Slicer is an alternative syntax for Breakpoint. It offers a powerful yet very simple way to slice your media queries. See those spans between breakpoints? Let's name them "slices".

flint - Flint is a powerful Sass grid framework designed for rapid responsive development.

  •    CSS

Flint is a responsive grid framework written in Sass, created to allow developers to rapidly produce responsive layouts that are built on a sophisticated foundation. Most notably? The syntax. Being a designer myself, a large amount of time was spent on this aspect. Flint is very unique in the fact that it uses only a single mixin for all output: _(...).

Api-Break-for-x64dbg - x64dbg plugin to set breakpoints automatically to Win32/64 APIs

  •    C

Api Break is a x64dbg plugin which is aimed to set breakpoints Win32/64 API calls easly. It can be useful when the code does obfuscated or indirect api calls or something similar conditions. This mode is automatically (naturally) handles all API calls for the entire module. Also, this mode gives an option to jump automatically to the API caller when the API entry breakpoint hit. It exposes the original caller using single step callstack backtracing.

breakdancer - A breakpoint tracking utility

  •    Javascript

Breakdancer is a small utility library that helps developing and using ergonomic breakpoints. Devices and sizes will always change, human ergonomics like palm, wrist, lap, desk, wall never will.Breakdancer is tested and works on both web and react-native platforms. Note that we don't specify react-native as a peer dependency in order to avoid dependency issues on pure web projects, so make sure you have react-native as a dependency.

react-breakpoints - A React component that sets breakpoints in the store based on viewport width, allowing you to load different components in different breakpoints

  •    Javascript

This library solves the problem that CSS media queries alone could not solve. Sometimes you want to create an application that looks a certain way on desktop and a certain way on mobile. Sometimes the components look too different for you to be able to just change the CSS, you have to make one component for desktop and another for mobile. This is bad, because the JavaScript for the hidden component is still running in the background even though you are not seeing it. This library solves that.

break - Know when breakpoints are entered/exited in your JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Know when breakpoints are entered/exited due to a window resize. If you are not sane, grab the bundled standalone version at standalone/break.min.js. Including this on your page will assign window.createBreakpointManager.

bootstrap-breakpoints - Tiny script to easily check what the current bootstrap breakpoint is

  •    Javascript

Tiny script to enable easier checks for current responsive breakpoint. Assumes you are using bootstrap, but can potentially work with other custom breakpoints. Put the script somewhere in the html as you usually do. For now the script depends on jQuery and works in IE9+.

karma-viewport - A Karma plugin for testing responsive features and layout

  •    TypeScript

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge 13-15, IE 9-11 and possibly some more. By default, viewport will target the default iframe#context of Karma, which is enabled through client.useIframe (see the configuration guide). This will also wrap the debug context to run inside the iframe#context.

react-matchmedia-connect - Higher order components for matchMedia

  •    Javascript

createMatchMediaConnect lets you register a set of media queries. If one of the queries changes, you component will be updated. createResponsiveConnect expects a list of breakpoints and creates the respective media queries with createMatchMediaConnect. You'll get a isMin<Size> and isMax<Size> property for each breakpoint as well as a isPortrait and isLandscape property.

koa-yield-breakpoint - Add breakpoints around `yield` expression especially for koa@1.

  •    Javascript

Add breakpoints around yield expression especially for koa@1. NB: You'd better put require('koa-yield-breakpoint') on the top of the main file, because koa-yield-breakpoint rewrite Module.prototype._compile.

koa-await-breakpoint - Add breakpoints around `await` expression especially for koa@2.

  •    Javascript

Add breakpoints around await expression especially for koa@2. NB: You'd better put require('koa-await-breakpoint') on the top of the main file, because koa-await-breakpoint rewrite Module.prototype._compile.

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