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ember-crumbly - Declarative breadcrumb navigation for Ember apps

  •    Javascript

Adds a Component to your app that displays the current route hierarchy (commonly known as breadcrumb navigation). Thanks to @rwjblue for providing the excellent addon name. This addon provides a very declarative way to generate dynamic breadcrumbs.

NavigationBundle - Symfony bundle for defining menu-structures and breadcrumbs in the KnpMenuBundle

  •    PHP

The RollerworksNavigationBundle adds the ability to define menu-structures and breadcrumbs for the KnpMenuBundle in your application configuration. You need at least PHP 5.3 and the KnpMenuBundle already installed and configured.

jquery-rcrumbs - jQuery plugin to create a responsive breadcrumb

  •    Javascript

rCrumbs aka responsiveCrumbs aka resizableCrumbs is a jQuery plugin which transforms a bunch of list item elements into a responsive breadcrumbs. The number of navigation items displayed is dynamically adapted depending on the available space in the browser window. The plugin's javascript and css files can be found in the dist/ folder. A development and a production version (minified) are available.