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nodal - API Services Made Easy With Node.js

  •    Javascript

View the website at nodaljs.com. Nodal is a web server and opinionated framework for building data manipulation-centric (Create Read Update Destroy) API services in Node.js for web, mobile or IoT apps.

simple-icons - SVG icons for popular brands

  •    HTML

Free SVG icons for popular brands. See them all on one page at SimpleIcons.org. Contributions, corrections & requests can be made on GitHub. Started by Dan Leech. Icons can be downloaded as SVGs directly from our website - simply click the icon you want, and the download should start automatically.

brand-colors - 🎨 A color collection available in sass, less, stylus and css

  •    Javascript

Full list of colors A lot fo the colors comes from brandcolors.net, so a huge shout out to @galengidman.

SharePoint Theme Selector


A simple feature to enable browsing themes based on multiple SPThemes.xml files.

Dynamic Sharepoint Rebranding Module


This project is a (fully working) Dynamic Sharepoint Rebranding Module (DSRM). The idea is based on a HTTPModule that dynamically change the Master Page (and CSS) on the fly. This approach has several advantages but my initial requirements is that it should support: - Dynamic...

Starter SharePoint 2010 My Site Customization Project


This project will help you get started with customizing, branding, and deploying your My Site for SharePoint 2010. This is an updated and enhanced version of the CKS: MySiteCreate project that was created for SharePoint 2007.

SharePoint 2013 Starter Stylesheet


This is a starter css to be used in the branding of a Sharepont 2013 publishing site, containing mainly the classes used for text styling.

SharePoint Branding Tool (Themes, Master pages, Site Logos...)


Aim: To have a tool that can help ease up the effort required to manually change branding on multiple sites. Functionality: This tool can be used modify the following for multiple sites: * Themes * CustomMasterUrl/MasterUrl (Master Page) * CSS and SiteImage Paths * ...and more

SharePoint UI Kit


UI Took kit to help developers for building public facing sites with SharePoint and to reduce task repetition. Includes a complete Visual Studio project with a CSS grid system, SP ready UI widgets, custom master pages and SharePoint custom page layouts and item styles.

OpenDesign - Mozilla Open Design aims to bring open source principles to Creative Design


Note: Because of the way permissions work on this repo, if you can't add a label yourself indicate the label you want added in the body of the issue and someone will add it for you.

postcss-brand-colors - PostCSS plugin to insert branding colors of all the major companies

  •    Javascript

PostCSS plugin to insert branding colors of all the major companies.It takes colors from brand-colors package.

art - Public branding assets for ZEIT's products


This repository contains all kinds of branding assets for our GitHub repositories.Contain designed states of what appears in the products. It can help when submitting a feature request to download the Sketch file and mockup the feature you'd like to see implemented.

react-native-air-progress-bar - React Native progress-bar, give your progress-bar some brand style

  •    Objective-C

Pretty customizable and animated progress-bar component for React Native.We often need to customize our mobile application according to our brand style needs. The easiest solution is to grab some UI kit, make some fast customizations, add custom styling etc. But some components is hard for customizing. I mean progress-bars, you know. So this is react-native progress-bar component, which could be useful when you need to customize default progress-bar with different icons of current progress.

branding - Source files for the IndieWebCamp logo and branding materials


Logos, stickers, shirts, etc. To edit any of the text (though you probably shouldn't) or to add new text, you'll need a typeface called Halis Grotesque (Halis GR).

brand - Official elementary LLC. brand assets


This is a copy of the Brand Page from our website. Please also check the actual page for information, this copy is just informational. The elementary brand is unique: technically it belongs to elementary LLC., the company that guides and supports development of elementary products. However, we have a great community and don’t want to be too overbearing with legal requirements and technicalities. As such, we have written up some guidelines to make it easier to understand when and how the elementary brand should be used.

media - Press kit / Media pack for OpenFaaS


This repository contains our presskit for official logos and media. You can also use the OpenFaaS ® logos to create your own SWAG / Stickers but should distribute them free of charge.

design - All things design at source{d}: branding, guidelines, UI assets, media & co.


All things (open!) design at source{d}: branding, guidelines, UI assets, media & co. Here you find the primary guidelines that ground our brand assets usage and overall branding rules.

demo-customized - A demo of custom web-ui based on Ajenti Core

  •    Python

This a demo of custom Web-UI built with Ajenti Core. Entry point is the custom-web-ui script.

ts-brand - Reusable type branding in TypeScript

  •    TypeScript

With ts-brand, you can achieve nominal typing by leveraging a technique that is called "type branding" in the TypeScript community. Type branding works by intersecting a base type with a object type with a non-existent property. It is closely related in principal and usage to Flow's opaque type aliases. By defining the ID type in terms of the interface surrounding it, we have made it such that the only way an ID can be treated like a Post['id'] is if its branding type matches the structure of Post exactly.

simple-svg-brand-logos - A collection of simplified brand logos in SVG format.

  •    Javascript

A collection of simplified brand logos, including some hard to find gems. Oftentimes those are only available on sketchy, ad-laden download sites, are of poor quality and need lots of cleaning up. This repository aims to help developers and designers to find high quality logos of any kind in one place. Also, all the color is stripped so they can be used in a consistent manner. Make sure you have a vector editing tool (like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator — I use Affinity Designer) and svgo. Please be aware that by contributing, you agree that your submission will enter the public domain.

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