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tasks-hands-on-lab - A step-by-step set of exercises to get up and running with Puppet Tasks

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This repository contains a step-by-step introduction to Bolt and to the Puppet Tasks ecosystem. It's designed to be followed in order, with each exercise introducing the basic concepts. If you complete all of the exercises you should be well on your way to understanding how you can use bolt and Puppet Tasks to help manage your infrastructure. These exercises will help you get bolt installed and make sure you have a few nodes to target with tasks and commands.

tasks-playground - A series of experiments, examples and general play with Puppet tasks

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A series of experiments, examples and general play with bolt. Adding new things to this repository should be simple and encouraged, nothing that works is out of scope and no idea a bad idea. This isn't about supported solutions or best practices but about the art of the possible from which those practices tend to grow.

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