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docker-blynk - Smallest and Fastest Docker Container with IoT Blynk Private Server

  •    Dockerfile

Blynk was designed for the Internet of Things. It can control hardware remotely, it can display sensor data, it can store data, vizualize it and do many other cool things. Blynk App - allows to you create amazing interfaces for your projects using various widgets we provide.


  •    Javascript

This works for both local and cloud BLynk servers. For local, wss:// works if you ve got a certificate installed on Blynk server. For cloud Blynk server, only non ssl, ws:// works for the time being, as there is no SSL cert installed. You can use ws://blynk-cloud.com:8080/websockets as the server url. Supports both SSL wss:// and non secured ws:// connection to local server.

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