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bloom - Go package implementing Bloom filters

  •    Go

A Bloom filter is a representation of a set of n items, where the main requirement is to make membership queries; i.e., whether an item is a member of a set.A Bloom filter has two parameters: m, a maximum size (typically a reasonably large multiple of the cardinality of the set to represent) and k, the number of hashing functions on elements of the set. (The actual hashing functions are important, too, but this is not a parameter for this implementation). A Bloom filter is backed by a BitSet; a key is represented in the filter by setting the bits at each value of the hashing functions (modulo m). Set membership is done by testing whether the bits at each value of the hashing functions (again, modulo m) are set. If so, the item is in the set. If the item is actually in the set, a Bloom filter will never fail (the true positive rate is 1.0); but it is susceptible to false positives. The art is to choose k and m correctly.

GameShop -Nano Edition-

  •    CSharp

An Amazing unification project, designed to blend all the known modern needs for high speed, very pretty AAA game projects into a single core language. It is more advanced than any other language on the Earth. It can within a single code file, blend native C#, Joint(Custom ...

proof-of-work - Proof of Work with SHA256 and Bloom filter

  •    Javascript

Proof of work based on SHA256 and Bloom filter.Timestamp MUST be equal to number of milliseconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z in UTC time.

node-bloomd - A NodeJS client for BloomD

  •    Javascript

node-bloomd uses stream transforms, and therefore requires Node 0.10 or later.Pop quiz: Bulk and Multi - which is used for batch checking, and which is used for batch setting? I can never remember either. node-bloomd helps out by providing two methods to make it explicit: multiCheck() and bulkSet(). Use them. The maintainers of your code will thank you.

bloomfilters - A set of bloom filter implementations in pure coffee/javascipt.

  •    Javascript

A set of bloom filter implementations in pure coffee/javascipt. You can use the 'cake' command to build this project.

bloom-redis - A node module for bloom filters in redis

  •    Javascript

A bloom filter for node backed by redis. To install, use npm and run npm install bloom-redis.

count-min-sketch - Count-Min Sketch Data Structure

  •    Javascript

An implementation of Coromode and Muthukrishnan's Count-Min sketch data structure for JavaScript. The count-min sketch is basically a high powered generalization of the bloom filter. While a bloom filter gives an efficient way to approximate membership of a set, a count-min sketch can give approximate data about the relative frequency of items in the set. Creates a count-min sketch data structure.

bloom.js - A Bloom filter implemented as a Node.js module.

  •    Javascript

A bloom filter implemented as a Node.js module. A bloom filter is a probabilistic data structure used to test for membership in a set. It is highly memory efficient and very fast, so it is a good tool when faced with a very large number of values in a set and testing set membership is performance sensitive.

xx-bloom - yet another bloom filter implementation for node.js; backed by xxhash

  •    Javascript

Yet another Bloom filter implementation for node.js. Everybody has to write one, as you know. Backed by Xxhash via node-xxhash. Xxhash is a fast general-purpose hash, which is all a bloom filter needs. Three variations are provided: a straight Bloom filter, a counting filter (from which items can be removed), and a straight Bloom filter backed by redis. The first two have synchronous APIs. The redis one perforce requires callbacks. You can pass in seeds for the hash functions if you like, or they'll be randomly generated. Seeds must be integers.

flint - Fast and configurable filesystem (file and directory names) linter

  •    Go

You think there is no place in code reviews to discuss about files naming conventions ? Impose consistent files and directories naming rules with flint: the filesystem linter. Configuration is stored in a .flint.sane file at the root of your project (repo).

newsbot - Automated Hacker News curation - https://t.me/DailyHNBot

  •    Go

newsbot helps you to manage the information overflow and addiction problem: automated Hacker News curation every 12 hours.

rz-go - ripzap - The fastest structured, leveled JSON logger for Go 📖. Dependency free.

  •    Go

ripzap - The fastest structured, leveled JSON logger for Go 📖. Dependency free. The rz package provides a fast and simple logger dedicated to JSON output avoiding allocations and reflection..

fnv-plus - Javascript FNV-1a Hash Algorithm (up to 1024 bit) implementation. Based on:

  •    Javascript

Javascript FNV-1a Hashing Algorithm up to 1024 bits, with highly optimized 32bit and 52bit implementations. The FNV-1a hash algorithm, often simply called "fnv", disperses hashes throughout the n-bit hash space with very good dispersion and is very fast.

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