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margaret - 👩‍🚀 A publishing platform. An open-source alternative to Medium.

  •    Elixir

This is the umbrella repository of Margaret. Margaret is an open-source publishing platform (think of Medium). The initial scope is to implement the majority of features Medium has. In the future, we'll implement features that will set Margaret apart.

laravel-disqus - A simple Disqus platform integration with Laravel.

  •    PHP

A simple package integrating Disqus platform with Laravel. If you are using Laravel 5.5+ then the steps below are optional.

flying-apple - Just to keep track of nice blog posts and new announcements related to Apple products and Swift

  •    Swift

Sick of bookmarks in browser. So I want to keep track of nice blog posts and news related to Swift, Objective-C and Apple products in here. Categorized with emojis.