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blogdown - Create Blogs and Websites with R Markdown

  •    R

You may create a new site via the function blogdown::new_site() under an empty directory. It will create a skeleton site, download a Hugo theme from Github, add some sample content, launch a web browser and you will see the new site. The sample blog post hello-world.Rmd should be opened automatically, and you can edit it. The website will be automatically rebuilt and the page will be refreshed after you save the file. If you use RStudio, you can create a new RStudio project for your website from the menu File -> New Project -> New Directory -> Website using blogdown.

blogdown-yihui-template - A skeleton of my previous personal website based on blogdown and Hugo

  •    HTML

The Hugo template is licensed under MIT, and the content of all pages is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

twitter-blogdown - Fetch Twitter messages daily and turn them into a website based on blogdown

  •    HTML

Search Twitter messages through predefined keywords using rtweet Travis CI on a daily basis, and convert the results to Markdown, and build a website using blogdown.

hugo-tanka - A minimalist, text-oriented, and performant theme for Hugo/blogdown.

  •    CSS

A minimalist, text-oriented, and performant theme for Hugo/blogdown. This theme is ported and modified from the Black & Light theme created by David Hamp-Gonsalves.

awesome-blogdown - An awesome curated list of blogs built using blogdown

  •    Makefile

An awesome curated list of blogs built using blogdown. The blogdown package for R lets you create static websites using RMarkdown and Hugo. Sites are rendered to static files which simplifies publishing and hosting, at the same time as allowing you to easily version control your site.

bookdown.org - Source documents to generate the bookdown.org website

  •    R

Source documents to generate the list of books on the bookdown website https://bookdown.org.

quanteda_tutorials - Quanteda tutorials website

  •    CSS

quanteda tutorials website is created by Hugo based on the Learn theme. Since Hugo accepts only Markdown and HTML, we use blogdown to generate those files from Rmarkdown. You can add new pages to the content folder, but note that the file extension must be .Rmarkdown not .rmd, because blogdown converts .rmd to .html and .Rmarkdown to .markdown. After adding pages, you probably have to rebuild the website by clicking the 'Build Website' button in the build panel in R Studio.

website - Public repository for the R4DS community website.

  •    CSS

Please read CONTRIBUTING.md for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us. Pull requests shall be submitted with the target branch develop.

blogdown-workshop - Slides and materials for the 2017-09-14 PDX R User Group workshop

  •    Javascript

In this workshop, we created a new website for RLadies-PDX. Follow along with the workshop using the materials in the workshop-bundle folder of this repository.

learn - RECON learn: a free, open platform for training material on epidemics analysis

  •    HTML

This GitHub project hosts the sources of the RECON learn platform, live at: https://reconlearn.org/. This RECON learn website uses R Markdown (.Rmd) documents to build markdown (.md) content that Hugo then turns into a nifty website (.html).

arm-workshop-rsc2019 - Materials for the rstudio::conf 2019 Advanced R Markdown workshop

  •    HTML

Project Kickstart-R provides a minimal template to create a Landing Page and Knowledge Sharing Platform with Academic and (R) Markdown. Academic is a framework to help you create a beautiful website quickly.