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disposable-email-domains - a list of disposable and temporary email address domains

  •    Python

This repo contains a list of disposable and temporary email address domains often used to register dummy users in order to spam/abuse some services. Originally collected to filter new user registration at https://usegalaxy.org and later merged with other lists found online. I cannot guarantee all of these can still be considered disposable but they probably were at one point in time.

fusker - Fusker is a static HTTP server that provides optional security features for HTTP/Socket.io

  •    CoffeeScript

You think you're one raw dog? fusker.nodester.com Come at me bro. Please see this for a working express example. It's as easy as app.use(fusker.express.check); Detectives/payloads are the same as they would be for the fusker HTTP server. Make sure fusker is the first piece of middleware added.

EtherAddressLookup - Adds links to strings that look like Ethereum addresses to your favourite blockchain explorer

  •    Javascript

The blacklists found in this repo serve both the EAL Chrome Extension & MetaMask Chrome Extension. We use a Levenshtein distance algoritm to detect similar URLs, so if you encounter an errounously-blocked website, please add it to the whitelist. The master branch is bundled on every release and pushed to the Chrome & Firefox Extension store, you can view/download it here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/etheraddresslookup/pdknmigbbbhmllnmgdfalmedcmcefdfn for Chrome, and https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/etheraddresslookup/ for Firefox.

The-Big-Username-Blacklist - This is a opinionated blacklist of words that you might not like to see used as usernames in your service

  •    Python

This is a opinionated blacklist of words that you might not like to see used as usernames in your service (think username.domain.com, domain.com/username or username@domain.com). You can try the blacklist using the tool Username checker.

The-Big-Username-Blacklist-JS - Node package for The-Big-Username-Blacklist (A opinionated username blacklist)

  •    Javascript

This library lets you validate usernames against a blacklist. The blacklist data is based on the data from The-Big-Username-Blacklist and contains privilege, programming terms, section names, financial terms and actions. You can try the blacklist using the tool Username checker.

wordpress-comment-blacklist - A simple solution for WordPress comment spam.


Sometimes simple is better. Since 2011, I have painstakingly identified and compiled over 27,000 phrases, patterns, and keywords commonly used by spammers and comment bots in usernames, email addresses, link text, and URIs. As with all compilations, this blacklist is a work in progress and there will always be room for improvement and optimization.

PasswordStrengthBundle - Symfony Password strengt and blacklisting validator bundle

  •    PHP

This Symfony-bundle integrates the Rollerworks PasswordStrengthValidator into your Symfony application. The PasswordStrengthValidator provides various password strength validators for the Symfony Validator.

PasswordStrengthValidator - Password-strength validator for Symfony

  •    PHP

This package provides various password strength validators for the Symfony Validator component. To use this bundle with a Symfony application use the RollerworksPasswordStrengthBundle.

badwords - A highly consumable list of bad (profanity) english words

  •    Javascript

depending on what is required for your purposes. These kind of lists can be used for flagging things, but being used as a basis for outright blocking can cause issues.

afdns - Ad free DNS server

  •    Shell

A docker container with a DNS server configured to block advertisement hosts. Just start the container and you are good to go. No configuration is required.

iscool - Lets you know if a word is cool or not. Current use: Twitter bots.

  •    Javascript

This module provides a function you can use to find out if a word is cool, where "cool" is defined as "not a bummer for me to see spit out by a Twitter bot." Uncool words include racist, sexist, or transphobic slurs. It also has words that may not be slurs but have terrible associations and are chilling (to me) to see in generated text from something that's supposed to be fun, like "Nazi". It compares candidates to a few lists containing words (many of which were discovered via @godtributes spitting them out live) and falls back to Wordfilter after that.

greek-spammers - Greek Spammers Email Addresses Blacklist


Collection of e-mail addresses of well-known spammers who send spam messages either in Greek language or of Greek interest. You should add a cron entry to perform a git pull every day in order to always have the latest version of the blacklist.

recruiterdomains - List of domain names of known recruitment consultants

  •    Javascript

Domain are in https://github.com/jasoncartwright/recruiterdomains/blob/master/domains.txt or https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jasoncartwright/recruiterdomains/master/domains.txt for automatic importing to your mail server.

blocklist - A large domain block list - more than 80000/140000 lines

  •    Go

A large domain block list - more than 80000/140000 lines

nogo - A cross-platform network-wide ad/site blocker with a simple web control panel.

  •    Go

nogo blocks access to various sites (ads, tracking, porn, gambling, etc) by acting as a DNS proxy server with host blacklist support. It requires minimal setup, and includes a simple web control panel for managing the host blacklist.

ipsum - Daily feed of bad IPs (with blacklist hit scores)


IPsum is a threat intelligence feed based on 30+ different publicly available lists of suspicious and/or malicious IP addresses. All lists are automatically retrieved and parsed on a daily (24h) basis and the final result is pushed to this repository. List is made of IP addresses together with a total number of (black)list occurrence (for each). Greater the number, lesser the chance of false positive detection and/or dropping in (inbound) monitored traffic. Also, list is sorted from most (problematic) to least occurent IP addresses. In directory levels you can find preprocessed raw IP lists based on number of blacklist occurrences (e.g. levels/3.txt holds IP addresses that can be found on 3 or more blacklists).

vallumd - Centralize or distribute IPset blacklists

  •    C

This program allows you to centralize and distribute IP blacklists. If you maintain a server on the Internet, it's very likely you encountered one or more brute force attacks. Not a problem, just install fail2ban. Done.

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