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  •    DotNet

Z-Pixel is a library written in VB.NET allowing you to use layered windows easily in your applications. It also contains many useful graphics-related utility classes allowing you to do things such as fast image manipulation, shadows, and rounded rectangles.

WebCam control for WPF

  •    WPF

Reusable WPF control to display high frame rate video such as WebCam or framegrabber DirectShow output. This control uses InteropBitmap introduced in .NET framework 3.5 and managed DirectShow P/Invoke. This control does not uses DirectShow.net library, so it's completely imdep...

text-modules - :pencil2: a list of text/font modules

  •    Javascript

A collection of modules for processing, manipulating, and rendering text and fonts in Node and the browser. Please open an issue or submit a PR for suggestions/improvements.Parses BMFont file formats to a standardized JSON.

rltiles - GitHub clone of RL Tiles (graphical tileset for Roguelike games) + JSON metadata + selector

  •    C

View the interactive tileset explorer here and then check out rltiles-2d.json and rltiles-2d.png. The .txt files seemed simple enough, and I couldn't figure out tools in tools/, so I wrote a small tool to do what I want.