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crypto-bar - 📈 A menu bar app that updates cryptocurrencies prices in real-time

  •    Javascript

A menu bar application built using Electron and React that updates cryptocurrencies prices in real-time using web sockets. Data provided by CryptoCompare, which compiles information for most cryptocurrencies and exchanges. This app is distributed under the Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal license.

crypto-whale-watching-app - Python Dash app that tracks whale activity in cryptocurrency markets.

  •    Python

Welcome! This is a Python-based Dash app meant to track whale activity in buy / sell walls on crypto-currency exchanges (presently just operational for GDAX, but more exchanges to come). This document aims to explain the purpose, functionality, and future of this project. Please do share this with your fellow coders / traders / crypto-aficionados, donate via the donation addresses included in the "Support Needed" section below, and contribute to the future of this project by calling out issues, requesting new features, and submitting pull requests to improve the app. If you want to use a hosted version of the app, check out this link here which has been graciously hosted by a member of the Ethereum community while we raise money via donations to migrate to AWS. If for any reason the page does not load properly, feel free to let us know via an issue, but more than likely it is because we are updating to the newest version of the codebase or performing maintenance.

bitprice-ios - iOS app for display and monitor the current Bitcoint (BTC) rate.

  •    Swift

BitPrice is an iOS app that display and monitor the current Bitcoint (BTC) rate. More details (architecture, environments, tests, tools...) can be found on the wiki.

BitVision - Bitcoin trading and charting CLI that uses machine learning to forecast price movements

  •    Python

Bitvision is a Bitcoin trading interface backed by an automated trading algorithm that anyone can use. Remember to give us a star, and we'll give you a free copy of the software! If you'd prefer to support the development of future projects, you can donate BTC at 113VcufvK4UEvMNbSMRxJ7L418KL2U4wpb.

CoinPrices - Cryptocurrency prices on CLI

  •    Go

Get cryptocurrency prices on terminal. Uses data from CoinMarketCap API.

CryptoCurrency.Net - CryptoCurrency.Net

  •    CSharp

Cross platform C# library for general Crypto Currency functionality, communicating with Cryptocurrency exchanges, and Blockchain APIs. This library is designed for any project that works with cryptocurrency in any way. It attempts to put a layer over several aspects of querying the blockchain such as getting address balances, transactions and so on.

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