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zeromq.node - Node.js bindings to the zeromq library

ØMQ bindings for node.js. The same people (and more) who brought you zmq now bring you zeromq, under the official zeromq GitHub organization.

node-oracledb - Oracle Database driver for Node.js maintained by Oracle Corp.

The node-oracledb add-on for Node.js powers high performance Oracle Database applications. Use node-oracledb to connect Node.js 4, 6, 8 and 9 to Oracle Database.

rustler - Safe Rust bridge for creating Erlang NIF functions

Rustler is a library for writing Erlang NIFs in safe Rust code. That means there should be no ways to crash the BEAM (Erlang VM). The library provides facilities for generating the boilerplate for interacting with the BEAM, handles encoding and decoding of Erlang terms, and catches rust panics before they unwind into C. The library provides functionality for both Erlang and Elixir, however Elixir is favored as of now.

go-duktape - Duktape JavaScript engine bindings for Go

Duktape is a thin, embeddable javascript engine. Most of the api is implemented. The exceptions are listed here.The package is fully go-getable, no need to install any external C libraries. So, just type go get gopkg.in/olebedev/go-duktape.v2 to install.

go-sdl2 - SDL2 binding for Go

go-sdl2 is SDL2 wrapped for Go users. It enables interoperability between Go and the SDL2 library which is written in C. That means the original SDL2 installation is required for this to work.Below is some commands that can be used to install the required packages in some Linux distributions. Some older versions of the distributions such as Ubuntu 13.10 may also be used but it may miss an optional package such as libsdl2-ttf-dev on Ubuntu 13.10's case which is available in Ubuntu 14.04.

leveldown - Pure C++ Node.js LevelDB binding serving as the back-end to LevelUP

This module was originally part of levelup but was later extracted and now serves as a stand-alone binding for LevelDB.It is strongly recommended that you use levelup in preference to leveldown unless you have measurable performance reasons to do so. levelup is optimised for usability and safety. Although we are working to improve the safety of the leveldown interface it is still easy to crash your Node process if you don't do things in just the right way.

bind.js - bind.js - simple two way data binding to HTML and callbacks

Two way data binding for HTML and JavaScript (with node.js compatibility) with additional support for transforming data before it arrives in the DOM.setters/gettings, fn.bind, qSA (if using selectors), getOwnPropertyNames.

backbone.epoxy - Declarative data binding and computed models for Backbone

Epoxy builds on jQuery/Zepto+Backbone and works where they work: IE6+, Firefox 3+, Safari, Chrome. For complete installation and usage documentation, visit the project's website at epoxyjs.org.

QtSharp - Mono/.NET bindings for Qt

This project aims to create Mono/.NET libraries that wrap Qt (https://qt-project.org/) thus enabling its usage through C#. It relies on the excellent CppSharp (https://github.com/mono/CppSharp). It is a generator that expects the include and library directories of a Qt set-up and then generates and compiles the wrappers. While still in development, it should work with any Qt version when complete. There is no Qt included in the repository, users have to download and install Qt themselves. For now, Qt MinGW for Windows has been the only tested version. Qt for OS X and Linux are planned, Qt for VC++ has not been planned for now.The source code is separated into a library that contains the settings and passes the generator needs, and a command-line client. In the future a GUI client, constructed with Qt# itself, is planned as well.

node-nanomsg - Node.js binding for nanomsg

This is the default way of installing node-nanomsg. Behind the scenes, nanomsg library will be downloaded, built and statically linked, providing the simplest and easiest way to start working. Starts a new socket. The nanomsg socket can bind or connect to multiple heterogeneous endpoints as well as shutdown any of these established links.


Postnuclear toolkit is a set of reusable features which simplify development of .Net applications: - in code bindings between properties and expressions - easy tracking of any change in large structure It's developed in C# and can be run on .Net 4.0, Silverlight 4.


QuickConverter provides you with WPF markup that allows you to write inline converters and multi-bindings using a C# like language directly in your xaml.

MVVM-WPF(+Silverlight 5.0) XAML Markup Binding Extensions

WPF + Silverlight 5.0 XAML mark-up extensions for MVVM pattern. Mark-up extensions allow to bind RouteEventHandler and Command to their targets.


SQLWindow is simple database debugging and maintenance tool, which uses WPF and data binding


Developing DMS for home and small business users. Bind`n`find - is your best way to organize, scan, store and search for your documents. You'll no longer loose your bills or grandma x-mas card in a heap of assorted papers. It's developed in C#/.NET 3.5.


Polymod.NET is an non-intrusive framework written in C# that gives you excel-like ability to add 'Formulas' to existing domain objects. Polymod.NET will wrap POCO into self-updating and self-validating models so you don't have to wire up INotifyPropertyChanged or IDataErrorInf...

Deployment Framework for BizTalk (BTDF)

The Deployment Framework for BizTalk eliminates the pain associated with BizTalk application deployments, and goes far beyond BizTalk’s out-of-the-box deployment functionality. It also includes additional tools to enhance developer productivity, such as binding file management.

WPF Converters

A set of generic WPF binding converters that can be leveraged by most any WPF application.

Wayne's Global Messenger (WGM)

This project consists of -An ASP.NET webservice that acts as a host for a chat program. -A WPF client application, that uses the webservice to transmit/receive messages etc. -A Silverlight client that allows users to log in from a website.


Xml Object Mapper is a framework for transforming .NET objects from/to XML.