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go-quote - Yahoo finance/Google finance/Coinbase/Bittrex/Binance/Tiingo historical quote downloader library and cli written in golang

  •    Go

Downloads daily historical price quotes from Yahoo and daily/intraday data from Google. Written in pure Go. No external dependencies. Now downloads crypto coin historical data from Coinbase GDAX exchange. Update: 10/21/2017 - Added Coinbase GDAX exchange support. Use -source=gdax All times are in UTC. Automatically rate limited.

binance.ex - Elixir wrapper for the Binance public API

  •    Elixir

Elixir wrapper for interacting with the Binance API. Documentation available at https://hexdocs.pm/binance.

Binance.Net - .Net API wrapper for the Binance web API

  •    CSharp

A .Net wrapper for the Binance API as described on Binance, including all features the API provides using clear and readable objects. Donations are greatly appreciated and a motivation to keep improving.

hedgehog - Source code for the "Hands-on Elixir & OTP: Cryptocurrency Trading Bot" course

  •    Elixir

Repository created to follow along with the Create a cryptocurrency trading bot in Elixir course. Each subsequent video has an assigned git branch that stores a state of the code after it.

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