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Buckets-Swift - Swift Collection Data Structures Library

  •    Swift

Buckets is a complete, tested and documented collections library for swift.Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that automates the process of adding frameworks to your application.

bidict - Efficient, Pythonic bidirectional map data structures and related functionality.

  •    Python

Efficient, Pythonic bidirectional map implementation and related functionality. For more usage documentation, head to the intro [1] and proceed from there.

DataStructures - A collection of Data Structures implemented in Swift.

  •    Swift

A collection of data structures implemented in Swift. All collection types are implemented as structures with the exception of the LinkedList data structure. This means they are copied when they are assigned to a new constant or variable, or when they are passed to a function or method.

bimap - A threadsafe bidirectional map written in Go

  •    Go

A threadsafe bidirectional map written in Go

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