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big.js - A small, fast JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic.

  •    Javascript

A small, fast JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic. The little sister to bignumber.js and decimal.js. See here for some notes on the difference between them.

bignumber.js - A JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic. If a smaller and simpler library is required see big.js. It's less than half the size but only works with decimal numbers and only has half the methods. It also does not allow NaN or Infinity, or have the configuration options of this library.

decimal.js - An arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

An arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript. The library is similar to bignumber.js, but here precision is specified in terms of significant digits rather than decimal places, and all calculations are rounded to the precision (similar to Python's decimal module) rather than just those involving division.

react-fontawesome - A React Font Awesome component.

  •    Javascript

A React component for the font-awesome icon library. Note: This component does not include any of the Font Awesome CSS or fonts, so you'll need to make sure to include those on your end somehow, either by adding them to your build process or linking to CDN versions.

node-bignum - Big integers for Node.js using OpenSSL

  •    Javascript

Arbitrary precision integral arithmetic for Node.js using OpenSSL. This library is based on node-bigint by substack, but instead of using libgmp, it uses the builtin bignum functionality provided by OpenSSL. The advantage is that OpenSSL is already part of Node.js, so this library does not add any external dependency whatsoever.

fast-xml-parser - Validate XML, Parse XML to JS/JSON and vise versa, or parse XML to Nimn rapidly without C/C++ based libraries and no callback

  •    Javascript

This project welcomes contributors. If you have a feature you'd like to see implemented or a bug you'd liked fixed, the best and fastest way to make that happen is to implement it and submit a PR. Basic knowledge of JS is sufficient. Feel free to ask for any guidance. To use it from CLI Install it globally with -g option.


  •    JQuery

This plugin for jquery allows to have a big version of the image actually hovered by the mouse. Simple but effective :)

node-bigint - Arithmetic on big integers using libgmp

  •    Javascript

This library wraps around libgmp's integer functions to perform infinite-precision arithmetic.You should also consider using bignum, which is based on the bigint api but uses openssl instead of libgmp, which you are more likely to already have on your system.

hugh-detector - detect the color red in an image

  •    Javascript

Return whether the image data in buf with dimensions width and height contains sufficient redness as a boolean.

empujar - When you need to push data around, you push it. A node.js ETL tool.

  •    Javascript

When you need to push data around, you push it. Push it real good. An ETL and Operations tool.Empujar's top level object is a "book", which contains "chapters" and then "pages". Chapters are excecuted 1-by-1 in order, and then each page in a chapter can be run in parallel (up to a threading limit you specify).

ink-big-text - Awesome text component for Ink

  •    Javascript

Props except for text are passed as options to cfonts. The only difference is that the background option is named backgroundColor here. See the prop types in index.js for more.

bigfont - A tool for to enlarge the font.

  •    Javascript

A tool for to enlarge the font.

react-weathericons - React component for WeatherIcons icons

  •    Javascript

You need to add your own version of Weather Icons CSS. This module was inspired on react-fontawesome module, but using WeatherIcons icons.

point-in-big-polygon - Industrial strength point in polygon test

  •    Javascript

Industrial scale point-in-polygon test. Given a polygon, this module preprocesses it in O(n log(n)) time such that any point can be classified against the polygon in O(log(n)) operations. All computations are performed in exact arithmetic. If you want to use multiple polygons/regions, you should use point-in-region instead.

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