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SQL Server FineBuild


FineBuild provides 1-click install and best-practice configuration of SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008, and SQL Server 2005

SSIS Credit Card Number Validator 05 (CCNV05)


Credit Card Number Validator 05 (CCNV05) is a Custom SSIS Data Flow Transformation Component that determines whether the given input is a valid credit card number or not. CCNV05 takes String/Numeric input and performs a Synchronous, Non-Blocking transformation using Luhn Mod 10 a

BIDS - Brain Imaging Data Structure

  •    HTML

This is the repository for the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) website, bids.neuroimaging.io. BIDS is a simple and intuitive way to organize and describe your neuroimaging and behavioral data. This website provides guidance on the BIDS specification, example datasets implementing BIDS standards, and existing tools for working with BIDS datasets.

BIDS-examples - A set of BIDS compatible datasets with empty nifti files that can be used for testing software

  •    OpenEdge

A set of BIDS compatible datasets with empty raw data files that can be used for writing lightweight software tests. You can find full versions of most MRI datasets in this repository here. You can find the full version of mne_sample_data here. You can find the full version of brainstorm_sample_auditory here.

bids-validator - Validator for the Brain Imaging Data Structure

  •    Javascript

The BIDS Validator is designed to work in both the browser and in Node.js. We target support for the latest long term stable (LTS) release of Node.js and the latest version of Chrome. Please report any issues you experience while using these support targets. If you experience issues outside of these supported environments and believe we should extend our targeted support feel free to open a new issue describing the issue, your support target and why you require extended support and we will address these issues on a case by case basis.

pybids - Python package to access BIDS datasets

  •    Python

PyBIDS is a Python library to centralize interactions with datasets conforming BIDS (Brain Imaging Data Structure) format. For more information about BIDS visit http://bids.neuroimaging.io.

mne-bids - MNE BIDS

  •    Python

This is a repository for creating BIDS-compatible datasets with MNE. If you do not have administrator privileges on the computer, use the --user flag with pip. To upgrade, use the --upgrade flag provided by pip.

bids-tools - Tools for dealing with neuroimaging data in the BIDS structure

  •    Python

If you have suggestions or contributions, please fork this repository, make the changes in your clone and send me a pull request.