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beats - :tropical_fish: Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash

  •    Go

The Beats are lightweight data shippers, written in Go, that you install on your servers to capture all sorts of operational data (think of logs, metrics, or network packet data). The Beats send the operational data to Elasticsearch, either directly or via Logstash, so it can be visualized with Kibana.By "lightweight", we mean that Beats have a small installation footprint, use limited system resources, and have no runtime dependencies.

beatboxer - Drum machine in a few hundred lines of html/js/css

  •    HTML

Drum machine in a few hundred lines of html/js/css

beats-docker - Official Beats Docker images

  •    Python

This repository contains the official Beats Docker images from Elastic.Acceptance tests for the images are located in the test directory, and can be invoked with make test. Python 3.5 is required to run the tests. They are based on the excellent testinfra, which is itself based on the wonderful pytest.

nessusbeat - A Beat that monitors a local Nessus reports directory and outputs scan results to Elasticsearch or Logstash

  •    Go

Nessusbeat provides a Beat that monitors a local Nessus installation's reports directory and exports, parses, and outputs scan results to supported Beat outputs. To build the binary for Nessusbeat run the command below. This will generate a binary in the same directory with the name nessusbeat.

node-freestyle - Really terrible freestyle markov rapping

  •    Javascript

Seed a markov system of order with stream and call cb with a freestyle handle when it's ready.Generate a couplet with approximately syllables. If syllables is falsy then lines can be any length.

factbeat - Ship Facter facts to Elasticsearch or Logstash.

  •    Go

Factbeat is a Beat that ships Facter facts to Elasticsearch, where they can be stored, analyzed and compared over time. Facter 3 (cFacter) is recommended, and is the default. The output from Facter 3 is more structured and more stable than that of Facter 2, which makes for a much better experience with Factbeat and Elasticsearch.

collector-sidecar - Manage log collectors through Graylog

  •    Go

The Graylog Collector Sidecar is a supervisor process for 3rd party log collectors like NXLog. The Sidecar program is able to fetch configurations from a Graylog server and render them as a valid configuration file for various log collectors. You can think of it like a centralized configuration management system for your log collectors. Please check our official documentation for more information. Especially the Step-by-Step guide to get the first setup running.

elastic-docker - Example setups for Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Beats with docker-compose

  •    Shell

This repository contains a few examples how to run Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash in Docker using the official images and binding them to the default ports. Tested with the latest version of the Docker daemon. The credentials are always elastic and changeme when you connect to Kibana (http://localhost:5601) or Elasticsearch (http://localhost:9200).

microservice-monitoring - Monitor your Spring Boot application with the Elastic Stack all around

  •    Java

Monitor logs, metrics, pings, and traces of your distributed (micro-) services. There are also slides walking you through the features of this repository. If the network connection is decent, show it on Amazon Lightsail. Otherwise fall back to the local setup and have all the dependencies downloaded in advance.

chef-filebeat - Chef Cookbook to Manage Elastic Filebeat https://supermarket

  •    Ruby

This is a Chef cookbook to manage Filebeat. For Production environment, always prefer the most recent release.

beatsjs - Drop the beats, in JS

  •    Javascript

beatsjs is an api for creating beats in JavaScript with the Web Audio API. This is super early days so the api is basically non-existent but w/e.

pulse.js - :musical_score: Beats per minute (BPM) automatic detection with Web Audio API

  •    Javascript

This library aims to get the BPM (beat per minute) automatically with Web Audio API. This is a screenshot of a game based on rhythms like "Dance Dance Revolution". It show one of the several possibilities of Pulse.

logstashbeat - Simple Beat for Logstash (v5+) statistics

  •    Go

Welcome to Logstashbeat. Important Notes: This plugin will only work with Logstash 5.0.0 later as the Logstash Monitoring API (listening on port 5600) is only available since that version.

springbeat - Simple Beat for collecting metrics from Spring Boot apps

  •    Go

Welcome to Springbeat. It will create a clean git history for each major step. Note that you can always rewrite the history if you wish before pushing your changes.

awsbeats - AWS Kinesis plugin for Filebeat

  •    Go

Experimental Beat output plugin. Tested with Filebeat, Metricbeat, Auditbeat, Heartbeat, APM Server. Supports AWS Kinesis Data Streams and Data Firehose. NOTE: Beat and the plugin should be built using the same Golang version.

Microbeats - Beats Created in Under an Hour

  •    Javascript

Site built with Compositor Lab and styled-components.

pubsubbeat - An Elastic Beat to ingest data from Google Pub/Sub

  •    Go

Pubsubbeat is an elastic Beat for Google Cloud Pub/Sub. This Beat subscribes to a topic and ingest messages. The main motivation behind the development of this plugin is to ingest Stackdriver Logs via the Exported Logs feature and send them directly to Elasticsearch ingest nodes.

prometheusbeat - send prometheus metrics to elastic

  •    Go

Prometheusbeat is an elastic beat that can receive Prometheus metrics via the remote write feature. It will create a clean git history for each major step. Note that you can always rewrite the history if you wish before pushing your changes.

mysqlbeat - Fully customizable Beat for MySQL server - this beat will ship the results of any query defined in the config file to Elasticsearch

  •    Go

Fully customizable Beat for MySQL server - this beat will ship the results of any query defined in the config file to Elasticsearch. First beta release available here.

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