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endian-reader - Small node.js helper for reading from Buffer with specified (ahead of time) endian

  •    Javascript

Simple helper for reading from buffer with specified (ahead of time) endian.This software is licensed under the MIT License.

reactive-conf-talk-2017 - Byte Arena: Digital Playground for Intelligent Agents (star the repo to vote for us)


Code your autonomous agent and live watch it challenge other players AIs in deathmatch arenas, CTF maps or in physically realistic race simulations. Your agent is a program that perceives its digital environment, makes decisions, and takes actions to reach its objectives. Tweak it, evolve it, refine it, script it, make it learn — whatever works; one goal : overcome the opponents with your code.

re-lmgtfy - Now that lmgtfy.com has ads, all is lost if we don't recreate it.

  •    HTML

This is simply a lmgtfy.com remake without ads. Simply visit http://arinerron.github.io/re-lmgtfy/ and type in the info it asks for to generate a re-lmgtfy link.