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notadd - A micro-service development architecture based on nest

  •    TypeScript

A micro-service development architecture based on nest.js, AOP . —— 基于 Nest.js 的微服务开发架构,异步高性能应用、AOP(面向切面编程)

candy - a tiny and cute social forum based on duoshuo.com

  •    Javascript

a micro forum using duoshuo apis as a backend database

Symphony - A modern community (forum/BBS/SNS/blog) platform written in Java

  •    Java

Symphony is a modern community platform. It implements a content oriented discussion forum. It includes a social network for users to share, make friends, and play games. It has the ability to aggregate independent bloggers, to build and share quality resources.

maple-bbs - a forums system based on flask

  •    Python

important ! : please modify script to configure as your own database. remember to modify config file.

Ego - New Website for xpus.net

  •    ASPNET

Ego is the new website just for www.xpus.net. But we decided open its sources.

casbin-forum - Next-generation forum software based on React + Golang, QQ group: 555019739

  •    Javascript

Casbin-forum is the official forum for Casbin developers and users. Casbin-forum uses XORM to connect to DB, so all DBs supported by XORM can also be used.

enigma-bbs - ENiGMA½ BBS Software

  •    Javascript

See the issue tracker for more information. Please see the Quickstart for more information.

HuskyBBS - Ancient code of Husky BBS a telnet based bulletin board system recovered from my personal backup

  •    C

Ancient telnet based bulletin board system written in ANSI-C language. Some parts of code were delivered from Diku, Merc, Smaug and Rom (multi user dungeon servers). It was running on Intel 486DX4-100 CPU, 128MB of RAM hardware with Slackware installed server.

qodem - Qodem Terminal Emulator

  •    C

Qodem is a from-scratch clone implementation of the Qmodem communications program made popular in the days when Bulletin Board Systems ruled the night. Qodem emulates the dialing directory and the terminal screen features of Qmodem over both modem and Internet connections. The Qodem homepage, which includes an extensive archive of Qmodem(tm) releases, a getting started guide, and Qodem binary downloads, is at: http://qodem.sourceforge.net . The Qodem source code is hosted at: https://github.com/klamonte/qodem .


  •    C++

目前FQTerm还没有特别完整的文档,现在正在进行文档编写。用Markdown编写的文档请见doc目录. 注意:除 master 之外的分支都会在 master 的基础上 rebase 并用 git push --force 推上 GitHub.

ForaFactory - Simple straightforward Node.js forum software

  •    Javascript

Mission: Building accessible forum software so all communities can thrive. Fora Factory is currently suitable for internal communities and testing. The next release (version 3.0.0) will be suitable for production use.

Elune - 🤔 Elune project

  •    Java

Light weight forum application.