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  •    Javascript

"Jitbit WYSIWYG-BBCode" is a browser-based JavaScript-powered WYSIWYG BBCode editor

Programmazione.it Editor


In short, this project is a text editor in C#. A text editor able to convert from BBCode to Rich Text Format and viceversa, to save your articles in a SQL CE database, to keep track of your work, in terms of commitments and money. Made for Programmazione.it columnists.

CDom - Simple HTML/XML/BBCode DOM component for PHP.

  •    PHP

CDom is a simple HTML/XML/BBCode DOM component. It provides a parser for HTML-like markup language in the DOM-like structure and support searching through the DOM with full strength of CSS3 selectors and any manipulations. CDom is based on PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser and licensed under the MIT License. CDom use is very simple. Most of the methods match the jQuery's ones. All methods are detail commented. Your IDE can easy show autocompletion, if support PHPDoc. And you can see examples of using below. Full documentation will be soon.

ReIMG - phpBB extension for resizing posted images on the client side using JavaScript and a selection of lightbox-style libraries

  •    PHP

Starting with version 3.0 this is an extension for phpBB 3.1 that resizes inline posted images as well as attached images based in principle entirely on the MOD, which was versions 1 and 2.

bbcode - A pure python bbcode parser and formatter.

  •    Python

Python, tested with versions 2.6 through 3.6. More tag options for how/when to escape - for instance, you can specify whether to escape html or perform cosmetic replacements on a tag-by-tag basis. Same for auto-linking and transforming newlines.

Shortcode - Advanced shortcode (BBCode) parser and engine for PHP

  •    PHP

Each part is described in the dedicated section in this document. and run composer install or composer update afterwards. If you're not using Composer, download sources from GitHub and load them as required. But really, please use Composer.

kefirbb - A flexible Java text processor

  •    Java

KefirBB is a Java-library for text processing. Initially it was developed for BB2HTML translation. But flexible configuration allows to use it in different cases. For example for parsing Markdown, Textile, and for HTML filtration.

forumfmt - A personal tool for converting from Markdown to BBCode for SA:MP forum.

  •    Go

Maintaining documentation is already difficult, maintaining it on two different platforms in two different formats is just annoying. This tool means you can simply have a single markdown readme file in your project's repo and when you post it to the forums or update the topic, all you need to do is simply run this tool over the markdown text to generate BBCode.

Gosora - A super fast yet feature packed modern forum software written in Go

  •    Go

The initial code-base was forked from one of my side projects, but has now gone far beyond that. We've moved along in a development and the software should be somewhat stable for general use. Features may break from time to time, however I will generally try to warn of the biggest offenders in advance, so that you can tread with caution around certain commits, the upcoming v0.1 will undergo even more rigorous testing.

grav-plugin-textformatter - This plugin is a wrapper for TextFormatter (https://github

  •    PHP

This plugin is a wrapper for TextFormatter, a library that supports BBCode, HTML and other markup via plugin. Handles emoticons, censors words, automatically embeds media and more. TextFormatter is a high-quality plugin for GetGrav.org extending it's page processing options by using the TextFormatter library. It supports BBCode, Markdown, HTML and other markup via plugins. The library is in PHP, with a JavaScript port also available for client-side preview. It comes with a thorough documentation and has a rich feature set already natively supported. This plugin exposes almost all options of them and gives you the full control over the configurations in the admin panel or in the page header.

jBBCode - A lightweight but extensible BBCode parser written in PHP 5.3.

  •    PHP

jBBCode is a bbcode parser written in php 5.3. It's relatively lightweight and parses bbcodes without resorting to expensive regular expressions. For complete documentation and examples visit jbbcode.com.

mapbbcode - The javascript module for displaying and editing map bbcode

  •    Javascript

This JavaScript library allows easy integration of [map] bbcode into forums and other collaboration tools. It contains not only a bbcode parser, but also a simple API for displaying and editing code. It was written with a goal to be included into every popular forum and blog engine distribution. The author would be glad to see another plugin for maps based on this library. Documentation for this library and its use is published on the official website. Also check out examples that demonstrate various aspects of the library.