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peaks.js - JavaScript UI component for interacting with audio waveforms

  •    Javascript

A browser based audio waveform visualisation frontend component from BBC R&D.Peaks.js is a modular client-side JavaScript component designed for the display of and interaction with audio waveforms in the browser.

gel-grid - A flexible code implementation of the GEL Grid Guidelines

  •    CSS

An implementation of the GEL Grid Guidelines. The Grid provides a way of creating flexible and unique layouts whilst also maintaining consistent margins, gutters and containing widths across the BBC, online.This is implementation of the grid is built using flexbox with an inline-block fallback older browsers. This allows us to support browsers IE8 and above.

gel-sass-tools - A collection of Sass Settings & Tools which align to key GEL values

  •    CSS

GEL Sass Tools is a collection of Sass variables, functions and mixins which allows you to work with GEL units consistently within your Sass. It is also required by other GEL Foundations components.You can install this component manually by downloading the content of this Git repo into your project and use a Sass @import to include it in your project.

gel-typography - A flexible code implementation of the GEL Typography Guidelines

  •    CSS

An implementation of the GEL Typography Guidelines. Providing typefaces, type sizes, weights, line-heights and tracking. The GEL Typography scale has been established to work on all devices and is independent of device size and resolution.The typographic scale has been optimised based on the size of the viewport and the input method being used. We take a 'touch first' approach to typography, adjustments are then made if a primary input other than touch has been detected.

tal-vision - Lancaster Vision TAL Application.

  •    Javascript

Vision is Lancaster University's internal IPTV service available for staff and students. Over 50 television and radio channels are made available live, and each month over 28,000 programmes are recorded and made available on demand.In collaboration with BBC R&D, a "big screen" interface was developed for the service. Targeted at games consoles and Smart TVs, the interface was developed using the open source Television Application Layer project.


  •    Javascript

An example TV application using the TAL framework from the BBC.Visit http://localhost:1337 in your browser. Use the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT keys to navigate, use ENTER/RETURN to select.


  •    Javascript

BBCRadioProxy is a simple Javascript HTTP mini-server designed work around the tokenised URLs for BBC's web streams of their radio stations, for use with MPD. By default, the proxy listens on all interfaces on port 8000.


  •    Javascript

React is used for the initial component rendering. Its batched state update mechanism is then used to handle multiple image size at once, to avoid layout thrashing. Imager.jsx is a browserifiable Node module.

jsbeeb - Javascript BBC micro emulator

  •    Javascript

To play right now, visit http://bbc.godbolt.org/. To load the default disc image (Elite in this case), press shift-F12 (which is shift-Break on the BBC). Then visit http://localhost:8000/ and off you go.

a11y-tests-web - Runs automated accessibility tests against configurable lists of webpages

  •    Javascript

Uses bbc-a11y and Google Lighthouse to run a suite of automated tests to test accessibility across a set of webpages, defined in a config file. This will generate the commands for bbc-a11y and then run the tests against the pages listed in the iplayer-web/all config file in the config directory.

node-bbc-microbit - Control a BBC micro:bit from Node.js using BLE

  •    Javascript

Control a BBC micro:bit from Node.js using BLE. See examples folder.

node-bbc-microbit-io - Johnny-Five IO Plugin for the BBC micro:bit

  •    Javascript

See examples folder as well as Johnny-Five examples. See Johnny-Five API docs.

simorgh - The BBC's new article (soon... we hope)

  •    Javascript

Named Simorgh after the Persian mythological bird. The Simorgh is the amalgam of many birds (and in some accounts other animals) into one. We consider this an apt metaphor for all articles of the BBC in one solution, a clear reference to the international nature of our teams but also to the articles themselves working for international users from the outset. It is also a unique name which is practical and, more superfically, the bird is very pretty. Simorgh is a universal react renderer. It uses Razzle and is built on react-universal-app. This repo is publicly accessible and the application will be used to generate the future, pan-BBC article.

newsQuery - The newsQuery NPM package provides a simple interface to BBC News Labs APIs

  •    Javascript

The BBC News Labs Juicer API let you run queries on content from an increasing list of over news sources which includes BBC News but also other publications like Sky News, The Guardian, The Mirror, The Independent, The Daily Record, The Huffington Post and other media. It also includes content from other sources, including the BBC News and BBC Parliament TV channels and MP's Twitter accounts. The majority of content is in the form of articles from news organisations but there are also images, video and tweets from select sources.

bigscreen-player - Simplified media playback for bigscreen devices

  •    Javascript

Simplified media playback for bigscreen devices. The Bigscreen Player is an open source project developed by the BBC to simplify video and audio playback on a wide range of 'bigscreen' devices (TVs, set-top boxes, games consoles, and streaming devices).

get-title - Extract the best title value from within HTML head elements.

  •    Javascript

A promise to extract the best title value contained in some HTML content. The streaming approach helps remaining efficient in spite of malformed or very large HTML documents.

lrud - Left, Right, Up, Down

  •    Javascript

v3 is a major rewrite, covering many new features. However, it unfortunately breaks some backwards compatibility. Lrud is written in Typescript and makes use of mitt.

bbcli - :newspaper: Browse BBC News like a hacker.

  •    Python

:newspaper: Browse BBC News like a hacker.

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