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distroless - 🥑 Language focused docker images, minus the operating system.

  •    Python

"Distroless" images contain only your application and its runtime dependencies. They do not contain package managers, shells any other programs you would expect to find in a standard Linux distribution.For more information, see this talk (video).

distroless - 🥑 Language focused docker images, minus the operating system.

  •    Python

"Distroless" images contain only your application and its runtime dependencies. They do not contain package managers, shells or any other programs you would expect to find in a standard Linux distribution. For more information, see this talk (video).

colossus - Colossus — An example microservice architecture for Kubernetes using Bazel, Go, Java, Docker, Kubernetes, Minikube, Gazelle, gRPC, Prometheus, Grafana, and more

  •    Python

Wait a second, these services don't do anything meaningful! Nope, they sure don't. But that's okay because the point of this project is to show you how to get the basic (yet not-at-all-trivial) plumbing to work. Colossus is a boilerplate project that's meant as a springboard to more complex and meaningful projects. Getting all of these technologies to work together was a real challenge. I had to dig through countless GitHub issues and dozens of example projects to make all these things work together. I'm offering this repo as a starter pack for other people with a Bazel monorepo targeting Kubernetes.

angular-bazel-example - MOVED to the bazel nodejs monorepo 👉

  •    TypeScript

This is experimental, as part of Angular Labs! There may be breaking changes. This is part of the ABC project. The overall goal is to make it possible to develop Angular applications the same way we do at Google.

rules_go - Go rules for Bazel

  •    Go

The master branch is only guaranteed to work with the latest version of Bazel.Create a file at the top of your repository named WORKSPACE and add one of the snippets below, verbatim. This will let Bazel fetch necessary dependencies from this repository and a few others.

oppia-android - A free, online & offline learning platform to make quality education accessible for all

  •    Kotlin

Oppia is an online learning tool that enables anyone to easily create and share interactive activities (called 'explorations'). These activities simulate a one-on-one conversation with a tutor, making it possible for students to learn by doing while getting feedback. The Android app is a new, not-yet-released frontend for Oppia that provides access to Oppia's curated numeracy lessons for users who may not have regular access to internet connectivity, and in a way that can be easily shared across multiple members of the same household.

bazel - Bazel support for Dart projects [EXPERIMENTAL]

  •    Dart

Bazel support for Dart.Bazel is a correct, reproducible, and fast build tool used internally at Google, and now open source, that provides a powerful and extensible framework for building software and maintaining code.

subpar - Subpar is a utility for creating self-contained python executables

  •    Python

Subpar is a utility for creating self-contained python executables. It is designed to work well with Bazel.par_binary() is a drop-in replacement for py_binary() in your BUILD files that also builds a self-contained, single-file executable for the application, with a .par file extension.

xrtl - Cross-platform Real-Time Rendering Library

  •    C++

A lightweight framework for writing efficient cross-platform rendering code in modern C++. It abstracts operating system and toolchain concepts to enable quick prototyping and interation of rich interactive applications that run beautifully everywhere. The library is engineered for small code sizes to enable fast loading and low resource usage even within web browsers.Pronounced 'zurtle'.

bazel-blog - Content of the Bazel blog

  •    HTML

Send a Pull Request adding a file to https://github.com/bazelbuild/bazel-blog/tree/master/_posts using the following filename format: <year>-<month>-<day>-<title>.md This filename format is required by the Jekyll processor.If you omit the layout, the blog post will not be formatted properly. If you omit the title, it won't have a title.

bazel-buildfarm - [WIP] Bazel remote caching and execution service

  •    Java

This repository hosts the Bazel remote caching and execution system.This project is just getting started; background information on the status of caching and remote execution in bazel can be found in the bazel documentation.

bazel-packages - [WIP] Collection of Bazel packages


This repository will host Bazel configuration files for open source libraries.Bazel users will then easily be able to reference these from their WORKSPACE files in order to depend on a given library version.

bazel-skylib - Common useful functions for writing custom build rules with Skylark

  •    Python

Skylib is a standard library that provides functions useful for manipulating collections, file paths, and other features that are useful when writing custom build rules in Bazel.This library is currently under early development. Be aware that the APIs in these modules may change during this time.

bazel-watcher - Tools for building Bazel targets when source files change.

  •    Go

Note: This is not an official Google product.Ever wanted to save a file and have your tests automatically run? How about restart your webserver when one of the source files change? Look no further.

bazel-website - Website for Bazel, a fast, scalable, multi-language and extensible build system

  •    HTML

This repository hosts the content of the Bazel website, available at https://bazel.build/ It does not contain the Bazel documentation or the Bazel blog.To build the site, you will need Jekyll version 2.5.3 or above. For instance, it can be installed with apt-get install jekyll on recent Ubuntu (tested on 16.10).

buildtools - A bazel BUILD file formatter and editor

  •    Go

This repository contains developer tools for working with Google's bazel buildtool.See instructions in each tool's directory.

BUILD_file_generator - Generate BUILD files for your Java files

  •    Java

BUILD File Generator generates Bazel BUILD files for Java code.Having all sources in a single BUILD rule doesn't allow Bazel to parallelize and cache builds. In order to fully benefit from Bazel, one must write multiple BUILD rules and connect them.

continuous-integration - Continuous Integration Scripts for Bazel

  •    Groovy

This workspace contains the setup for the continuous integration system of Bazel. This setup is based on docker images built by bazel.Make sure you have a Bazel installed with a recent enough version of it. Also make sure gcloud and docker are correctly configured on your machine. Only docker version 1.10 or later is supported.

eclipse - Eclipse For Bazel

  •    Java

e4b is an Eclipse plugin for Bazel. It is really rudimentary. It simply supports creating the classpath from a project and using Bazel for incremental builds.You can create a new Bazel project with New project > Import Bazel project Then you can select the list of targets you want to build and the list of directories you want to track.

examples - Examples for Bazel

  •    Python

Examples for Bazel