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bash-it - A community Bash framework.

  •    Shell

Includes autocompletion, themes, aliases, custom functions, a few stolen pieces from Steve Losh, and more. Bash-it provides a solid framework for using, developing and maintaining shell scripts and custom commands for your daily work. If you're using the Bourne Again Shell (Bash) on a regular basis and have been looking for an easy way on how to keep all of these nice little scripts and aliases under control, then Bash-it is for you! Stop polluting your ~/bin directory and your .bashrc file, fork/clone Bash-it and start hacking away.

nodeprompt - Pretty Git prompt for Bash

  •    Javascript

in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile file. Nodeprompt is configurable, so things like the length of SHA-1 hash or the number of levels displayed in the path can be adjusted. It is also possible to create a new prompt template from scratch.


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Bash.env is a cascading Bash environment system. It provides Bash shell-prompt themes, handy functions, aliases, and tools for the Bash power user. Z-shell is great, but it does not come standard on most operating systems. This can be problematic in an environment where you don't have administrative rights.