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bacon-cipher - A robust JavaScript implementation of Bacon’s cipher, a.k.a. the Baconian cipher.

bacon-cipher is a JavaScript implementation of Bacon’s cipher, a.k.a. the Baconian cipher. It can be used to encode plaintext to Bacon-ciphertext, or the other way around (i.e. decoding). Here’s an online demo.A string representing the semantic version number.

modeler - simple entity system using a functional approach

Some "object-relational mapping systems" try to do everything, and in doing so become a huge steaming pile of shit that no one can figure out. They typically encourage the developer to become lazy and wasteful by baiting them with magically automatic cascading loaders made possible by a hidden entourage of expensive hooks and subqueries. They force the developer to create grotesque schema definitions for databases that are supposed to be schemaless. "getters" and "setters" abound, obfuscating and polluting the data structure and making it difficult to just find out what an object holds. And increasingly, ORMs are focused on a single database technology (SQL-only or MongoDB-only) and therefore make your code unportable by association. A modeler model, on the other hand, is simply an object literal. Its companion is a "collection" object, another object literal containing a set of functions which load, save, list, and destroy models of a given type. Collections are very easily extendible to work with any data store or external API, by simply overriding the collection functions.

keyboard - provides english keyboard (used as a widget for browserling)

A HTML keyboard widget. Press button get bacon. Wait. Get character. Yep. See a live demo example.

angular-bacon - Angular-bacon.js bindings

bacon.js bindings for AngularJS. Make your AngularJS apps even more reactive, by using bacon.js FRP library to process your scope properties.

baconts - This project has moved:

Simply a TypeScript wrapper for Bacon.js. It includes type declarations for the entire exposed Bacon API, and is directly importable when installed as a Node module.

ffux - Functional Reactive Flux for RxJS and Bacon.js

Flux implementation for Functional Reactive Programming with Bacon.js or RxJS. Flux is the hottest keyword in the React circles nowadays. Although the latest Flux implementations have moved towards functional paradigms they still introduce a lot of boilerplate, complexity and potential bugs that could be avoided by adopting Functional Reactive Programming.

ARSperl - Perl module for integration with BMC Remedy Action Request System

Perl module for integration with BMC Remedy Action Request System

poodle-prober - Scan a netblock for SSLv3 enabled servers on port 443

Probe your poodle. Just to be safe. Scan a netblock for SSLv3 enabled servers.