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toxy - Hackable HTTP proxy for resiliency testing and simulated network conditions

  •    Javascript

Hackable HTTP proxy to simulate server failure scenarios, resiliency and unexpected network conditions, built for node.js.It was mainly designed for failure resistance testing, when toxy becomes particularly useful in order to cover fault tolerance and resiliency capabilities of a system, especially in disruption-tolerant networks and service-oriented architectures, where toxy may act as MitM proxy among services in order to inject failure.

heimdall - An enhanced HTTP client for Go

  •    Go

All HTTP methods are exposed as a fluent interface. This package can be used by adding the following import statement to your .go files.

cockatiel - A resilience and transient-fault-handling library that allows developers to express policies such as Backoff, Retry, Circuit Breaker, Timeout, Bulkhead Isolation, and Fallback

  •    TypeScript

I recommend reading the Polly wiki for more information for details and mechanics around the patterns we provide. There are two events, onSuccess/onFailure, that are called when a call succeeds or fails. Note that onFailure only is called if a handled error is thrown.

Heimdall - An enhanced HTTP client for Go

  •    Go

Heimdall is an HTTP client that helps your application make a large number of requests, at scale. With Heimdall, you can use a hystrix-like circuit breaker to control failing requests, Add synchronous in-memory retries to each request, with the option of setting your own retrier strategy, Create clients with different timeouts for every request.

backoff - Simple backoff algorithm in Go (golang)

  •    Go

Backoff is a time.Duration counter. It starts at Min. After every call to Duration() it is multiplied by Factor. It is capped at Max. It returns to Min on every call to Reset(). Jitter adds randomness (see below). Used in conjunction with the time package. Enabling Jitter adds some randomization to the backoff durations. See Amazon's writeup of performance gains using jitter. Seeding is not necessary but doing so gives repeatable results.

retry - A simple, stateless, functional mechanism to perform actions repetitively until successful.

  •    Go

A simple, stateless, functional mechanism to perform actions repetitively until successful. This project is currently in "pre-release". While the code is heavily tested, the API may change. Vendor (commit or lock) this dependency if you plan on using it.

node-backoff - Fibonacci and exponential backoff for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Fibonacci and exponential backoffs for Node.js. The usual way to instantiate a new Backoff object is to use one predefined factory method: backoff.fibonacci([options]), backoff.exponential([options]).

backoff - Python library providing function decorators for configurable backoff and retry

  •    Python

This module provides function decorators which can be used to wrap a function such that it will be retried until some condition is met. It is meant to be of use when accessing unreliable resources with the potential for intermittent failures i.e. network resources and external APIs. Somewhat more generally, it may also be of use for dynamically polling resources for externally generated content.Decorators support both regular functions for synchronous code and asyncio's coroutines for asynchronous code.

riprova - Versatile Python library for retrying failed operations with configurable backoff strategies

  •    Python

riprova (meaning retry in Italian) is a small, general-purpose and versatile Python library that provides retry mechanisms with multiple backoff strategies for any sort of failed operations.It's domain agnostic, highly customizable, extensible and provides a minimal API that's easy to instrument in any code base via decorators, context managers or raw API consumption.

recovery - Recover from a network failure using randomized exponential backoff.

  •    Javascript

Recovery provides randomized exponential back off for reconnection attempts. It allows you to recover the connection in the most optimal way (for both server and client). The exponential back off is randomized to prevent a DDoS like attack on your server when it's restarted, spreading the reconnection attempts instead of having all your connections attempt to reconnect at exactly the same time.The code base of this module was originally written for Primus but has been extracted as separate module. It has been thoroughly tested and it's written with love <3.

retry - ♻️ Functional mechanism to perform actions repetitively until successful.

  •    Go

Functional mechanism based on context to perform actions repetitively until successful.egg is an extended go get.

node-promise-retry - Retries a function that returns a promise, leveraging the power of the retry module

  •    Javascript

Retries a function that returns a promise, leveraging the power of the retry module to the promises world.There's already some modules that are able to retry functions that return promises but they were rather difficult to use or do not offer an easy way to do conditional retries.

s3-write-stream - Pipe data straight to an S3 key of your choice

  •    Javascript

Pipe data straight to an S3 key of your choice.This is a writeable stream that takes data and uploads it to Amazon S3 using its multipart upload API. This is ideal for handling generated content without needing to know the content's length ahead of time, and without resorting to file system hacks or buffering everything before the upload.

p-retry - Retry a promise-returning or async function

  •    Javascript

It does exponential backoff and supports custom retry strategies for failed operations.Returns a Promise that is fulfilled when calling input returns a fulfilled promise. If calling input returns a rejected promise, input is called again until the max retries are reached, it then rejects with the last rejection reason.

oibackoff - incremental backoff flow-control for any : fn(function(err, data) { ... });

  •    Javascript

Incremental backoff flow-control for any fn(function(err, data) { ... });. Please note that this repo is stable. This means there may not be many commits, issues or releases. This is normal. Please submit any issues for any queries you may have.

awsretry - Decorate your AWS Boto3 Calls with AWSRetry

  •    Python

AWSRetry is a Python Decorator that can be used to wrap boto3 function calls. This function was built out of the need to get around a couple of common issues when working with AWS API's. Install awsretry.

intimidate - Node module to upload to s3 with automatic retries and exponential backoff

  •    Javascript

intimidate is a node module to upload files to S3 with support for automatic retry and exponential backoff. It uses the excellent knox library to handle the heavy lifting.

back - Simple exponential backoff module

  •    Javascript

A simple module to be used for creating exponentially weighted backoff attempts. Originally extracted from Primus. NOTICE If you were a pre-1.0.0 back user, the API has changed to what is found below. If you do not like this slightly different abstraction and would prefer the former, slightly simpler API, it is still available with require('back/reconnect').

ember-concurrency-retryable - An Ember addon that adds retry strategies and a task modifier for automatically retrying ember-concurrency tasks

  •    Javascript

An Ember addon that adds retry strategies and a task modifier for automatically retrying ember-concurrency tasks. For more information on using ember-cli, visit https://ember-cli.com/.

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