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cloudboost - Realtime JavaScript Backend.

  •    Javascript

CloudBoost also has a managed service, so you don't have to install or configure anything. You can sign up for the managed service here. You can install CloudBoost anywhere you like. We have a Docker Compose file that can help you get started with CloudBoost in few minutes and with just one command. You can use this compose file to install the service locally on your local dev machine, or you can install the service to Azure, AWS, DigitalOcean, Softlayer, Packet and more.

Facettage - Facet management for backendless datascapes

  •    Javascript

Facets are a mix of data and scripts. Facettage is a facet store that leverages this data/script duality: configure facets as memory structures and retrieve data like from a store. MIT License. Requires D3.js and FileSaver.js to work properly.

skygear-SDK-Android - Skygear Android SDK

  •    Java

The Skygear Android SDK library that gives you access to the Skygear Server from your Android app. To get started, you need to have the Skygear Server running and Android SDK installed into your app. You can see detailed procedure at the getting started guide at https://docs.skygear.io/android/guide.

geojs - Geo-location lookup API

  •    Perl

GeoJS is a geo-location lookup API supporting plain text, JSON and JSONP endpoints. It also has ChatOps integration and a PTR endpoint. With full CORS support GeoJS can be integrated into any frontend or backend app easily. The GeoJS website is available over at jloh/geojs-io and webapp at jloh/geojs-app.

webtask-require - require('webtask-require')('hello')

  •    Javascript

Use webtask-require to call your webtasks from the browser using a require-like pattern. Run node.js code without a backend. If you have found a bug or if you have a feature request, please report them at this repository issues section. Please do not report security vulnerabilities on the public GitHub issue tracker. The Responsible Disclosure Program details the procedure for disclosing security issues.

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