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azure-search-ta - Azure Search Test Analyzer API Client Tool

  •    Python

Azure Search Test Analyzer API client tool that shows how an analyzer breaks text into tokens utlizing Azure Search Analyze API. Web UI Tool that allows you to see how an analyzer breaks text into tokens via Web UI.

MCW-Securing-PaaS - MCW Securing PaaS

  •    CSharp

Fourth Coffee is an American coffeehouse chain that was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1970. It currently operates over 20,000 locations worldwide. The CEO has established a mandate to revamp their loyalty program that starts with their platform. Other than tracking the serial number of the gift card, its balance and purchase history, Fourth Coffee does not have any direct way to associate the purchase history with the customer. They feel this is a big opportunity for them to address, and in doing so will enable them to launch their worldwide customer loyalty program.

AzureSearchCrawler - A simple web crawler, using Abot, that indexes page contents into Azure Search.

  •    CSharp

Azure Search is a cloud search service for web and mobile app development. This project helps you get content from a website into an Azure Search index. It uses Abot to crawl websites. For each page it extracts the content in a customizable way and indexes it into Azure Search. This project is intended as a demo or a starting point for a real crawler. At a minimum, you'll want to replace the console messages with proper logging, and customize the text extraction to improve results for your use case.