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wal-e - Continuous Archiving for Postgres

  •    Python

WAL-E is a program designed to perform continuous archiving of PostgreSQL WAL files and base backups. To correspond on using WAL-E or to collaborate on its development, do not hesitate to send mail to the mailing list at wal-e@googlegroups.com (archives and subscription settings). Github issues are also currently being used to track known problems, so please feel free to submit those.

blobporter - Highly concurrent data transfer tool for Azure Blob Storage.

  •    Go

BlobPorter is a data transfer tool for Azure Blob Storage that maximizes throughput through concurrent reads and writes that can scale up and down independently.Sources and targets are decoupled, this design enables the composition of various transfer scenarios.

blobxfer - Azure Storage transfer tool and data movement library

  •    Python

blobxfer is an advanced data movement tool and library for Azure Storage Blob and Files. With blobxfer you can copy your files into or out of Azure Storage with the CLI or integrate the blobxfer data movement library into your own Python scripts.Please refer to the installation guide for more information on how to install blobxfer.

storage - Go library providing common interface for working across multiple cloud storage backends

  •    Go

Go library providing a common interface for working across multiple storage backends. This code was originally part of the Helm project, ChartMuseum, but has since been released as a standalone package for others to use in their own projects.

AzureSDKForRust - Microsoft Azure SDK for Rust

  •    Rust

Microsoft Azure exposes its technologies via REST API. These APIs are easily consumable from any language (good) but are weakly typed. With this library and its related crate you can exploit the power of Microsoft Azure from Rust in a idiomatic way. This crate relies heavily on the excellent crate called Hyper. As of this library version 0.4.0 all the methods are future-aware.

IronLeveldb - A leveldb implementation in C#

  •    CSharp

A leveldb implementation in C#, targeting .NET Standard 1.3 (Frameworks 4.6+, Core 1.0+). This project is still under hard working and was built to read leveldb instances on Azure Blob Storage originally, thus, only partial of READ functions were implemented at the moment.

azure-functions-billing - Azure Functions v2 with .NET Core - billing in serverless architecture.

  •    CSharp

This example shows simplified billing system in serverless architecture. Comprehensive guide describing exactly the architecture, applied design patterns and technologies can be found on our blog in article Azure Functions 2.0 – real world use case for serverless architecture.