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builderbook - Open-source web app. Built with React, Material-UI, Next, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB.

  •    Javascript

Builder Book is an open source web app to publish documentation or books. The app is built with React/Material-UI/Next/Express/Mongoose/MongoDB and includes these third party APIs: Google, Github, AWS SES, Mailchimp, Stripe. We've used this builderbook project to build saas, async, and other real-world web apps.

aws-lambda-ses-forwarder - Serverless email forwarding using AWS Lambda and SES

  •    Javascript

A Node.js script for AWS Lambda that uses the inbound/outbound capabilities of AWS Simple Email Service (SES) to run a "serverless" email forwarding service. Instead of setting up an email server on an EC2 instance to handle email redirects, use SES to receive email, and the included Lambda script to process it and send it on to the chosen destination.

saas - Build your own SaaS product with SaaS boilerplate app

  •    TypeScript

Open source web app that saves you weeks of work when building your own SaaS product. To run locally, you will need to run two apps: api and app.

aws-ses-serverless-example - AWS SES example in NodeJS using lambda

  •    Javascript

This repo is an example of sending email using SES on Lambda invocation. It uses the AWS SES nodeJS SDK to send emails. Various parameters for sending email such as sourceEmail address, destination email address can be specified as body parameter for the Deployed APIGateway URL. Rename the config.copy.json to config.json.

php-aws-ses - PHP classes that interfaces Amazon Simple Email Service

  •    PHP

Amazon Simple Email Service provides a simple way to send e-mails without having to maintain your own mail server. Those PHP classes use the REST-based interface to that service. When hundreds of emails have to be sent in bulk it's best to use the Bulk mode which essentially reuses a CURL handler and reduces the number of SSL handshakes and this gives a better performance.

awslambdamonitor - A small monitoring tool which runs in AWS Lambda

  •    Python

AWS Lambda Monitor is a small monitoring tool which runs in AWS Lambda. The tool is triggered either regularly by a CloudWatch scheduled task or on demand by an email triggered event. With this tool you can monitor services on servers out on the internet for free and receive alert emails when there are problems. The rationale behind creating this tool (instead of using one of the many existing monitoring tools in existence) is to take advantage of the AWS Lambda pricing model to get free monitoring forever. AWS provides 37 days of 128MB memory Lambda execution per month. Unlike the EC2 free tier, the Lambda free tier doesn't expire after the first year.


  •    HCL

Terraform module to setup AWS SES. This module creates an AWS SES resource and adds DKIM records to the provided Route53 zone ID.