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AutoSpotting - Saves up to 90% of AWS EC2 costs by automating the use of spot instances on existing AutoScaling groups

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AutoSpotting is the leading open source spot market automation tool, optimized towards quick/easy/frictionless adoption of the EC2 spot market at any scale. It is usually set up to monitor existing long-running AutoScaling groups with minimal configuration changes(often just tagging them, but even that can be avoided by using their existing tags), yielding the usual 70%-90% Spot cost savings but in a better integrated, more cost effective and easier to adopt way than the alternative tools and solutions.

autospotting - Automatically replace AWS EC2 instances in AutoScaling groups with identically configured but up to 90% cheaper spot instances

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A simple and easy to use tool designed to significantly lower your Amazon AWS costs by automating the use of spot instances. When installed and enabled on an existing on-demand AutoScaling group, AutoSpotting clones one of your on-demand instances from the group with a spot instance that is cheaper, at least as large (automatically considering memory, CPU cores and disk volumes) and configured identically to it. Once the new spot instance is ready, it is attached to the group and an on-demand instance is detached and terminated to keep the group at constant capacity.

terraform-aws-autoscaling - Terraform module which creates Auto Scaling resources on AWS

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Terraform module which creates Auto Scaling resources on AWS. There are two ways to specify tags for auto-scaling group in this module - tags and tags_as_map. See examples/asg_ec2/main.tf for example.

lifecycle-manager - Graceful AWS scaling event on Kubernetes using lifecycle hooks

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Certain termination activities such as AZRebalance or TerminateInstanceInAutoScalingGroup API calls can cause autoscaling groups to terminate instances without having them properly drain first. This can cause apps to experience errors when they are abruptly terminated.

asg53 - AWS Lambda function for making Route 53 changes via ASG lifecycle hooks

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asg53 is a tool for AWS Lambda that allows one to process EC2 Auto-Scaling events and make modifications in Route 53. It is intended for use with SNS, and uses data-driven JSON representations of Route 53 change batches that can be customized with Go templates, supplied as notification metadata. This is a Go-based Lambda function, and hence needs to be wrapped with a shim. We use aws-lambda-go, which also provides a Docker container with access to the toolchain.

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