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athena-cli - Presto-like CLI tool for AWS Athena

  •    Python

Presto-like CLI tool for AWS Athena. The alternative is using the AWS CLI Athena sub-commands. A recent version of the aws CLI must be available on the PATH.

athenacli - AthenaCLI is a CLI tool for AWS Athena service that can do auto-completion and syntax highlighting

  •    Python

AthenaCLI is a command line interface (CLI) for the Athena service that can do auto-completion and syntax highlighting, and is a proud member of the dbcli community. A config file is automatically created at ~/.athenacli/athenaclirc at first launch (run athenacli). See the file itself for a description of all available options.

config2jsonlines - Transform AWS Config snapshots to a more AWS Athena-friendly format.

  •    Go

AWS Config is a service that can record the configuration of all your resources in AWS. It can deliver configuration "snapshots" on a regular schedule to an S3 bucket to allow you to do further analysis. This naturally pairs well with AWS Athena, a service that allows you to perform ad hoc SQL queries on files stored in S3. Athena can query arbitrary JSON, so it should have no problem with files generated by AWS Config, right? In fact, the AWS blog even has an article: How to query your AWS resource configuration states using AWS Config and Amazon Athena.

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