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awless - A Mighty CLI for AWS

  •    Go

awless is a powerful, innovative and small surface command line interface (CLI) to manage Amazon Web Services.Note that the video above is in APNG and requires a recent browser.

awless-templates - Repository of examples for awless templates (see https://github

  •    Shell

On each change all templates are verified & compiled against the latest version of awless.

triplestore - Nifty library to manage, query and store RDF triples. Make RDF great again!

  •    Go

Triple Store is a library to manipulate RDF triples in a fast and fluent fashion.RDF triples allow to represent any data and its relations to other data. It is a very versatile concept and is used in Linked Data, graphs traversal and storage, etc....

awless-scheduler - Schedule runs and reverts of awless templates

  •    Go

The scheduler service is a daemon service that receives templates to be ran and reverted at a later time. The service basically get templates, validates and stores them. Then it will check every so often when stored templates need to be executed.