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compile-time-regular-expressions - A Compile time PCRE (almost) compatible regular expression matcher

  •    C++

Fast compile-time regular expression with support for matching/searching/capturing in compile-time or runtime. You can use single header version from directory single-header. This header can be regenerated with make single-header.

node-coremidi - Allow Node.js to interact with CoreMIDI services on Mac OS platforms

  •    C++

coremidi exports a function which returns a stream. MIDI messages are sent by writing an array to the stream. Terra Eclipse, Inc. is a nationally recognized political technology and strategy firm located in Aptos, CA and Washington, D.C.

plotty - matplotlib-cpp with Eigen interfaces.

  •    C++

The histogram function only exposes the bins, data and type parameters of matplotlibs histogram function. plotty::show(false) opens a non-blocking window. You have to open a new figure to get a second plot ( plotty::figure()). The final figure should be opened in blocking mode to keep all windows open.