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Quasar is a suite of class libraries for .Net developers, providing several data structures, algorithms, extension methods and other components which are not implemented in standard .Net framework.

data-structures - Go datastructures.

  •    Go

Copyright 2013, Licensed under the GPL version 2. Please reach out to me directly if you require another licensing option. I am willing to work with you. To collect many important data structures for usage in go programs. Golang's standard library lacks many useful and important structures. This library attempts to fill the gap. I have implemented data-structure's as I have needed them. If there is a missing structure or even just a missing (or incorrect) method open an issue, send a pull request, or send an email patch.

avl - :eyeglasses: Fast AVL tree for Node and browser

  •    Javascript

Or use the compiled version 'dist/avl.js'. The comparator function is extremely important, in case of errors you might end up with a wrongly constructed tree or would not be able to retrieve your items. It is crucial to test the return values of your comparator(a,b) and comparator(b,a) to make sure it's working correctly, otherwise you may have bugs that are very unpredictable and hard to catch.

HART-GTFS-realtimeGenerator - Desktop application that retrieves AVL data from Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART)'s AVL system and produces Trip Updates and Vehicle Positions files in GTFS-realtime format

  •    Java

This project retrieves real-time transit data from Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART)'s OrbCAD Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system and formats the data into the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)-realtime format. GTFS-realtime feeds can be consumed by applications such as OneBusAway and Google Transit to provide real-time transit data updates. We use the OneBusAway GTFS-realtime Exporter project to help produce and serve the GTFS-realtime feed.

dslib - :herb: A library of "connected" data structures in C

  •    C

The goal of dslib is to demonstrate how complex data structures (and related algorithms) can be developed by reusing simpler ones. In general, textbooks come with numerous unrelated examples each relevant to a specific DS. dslib, on the other hand, grows by consuming the earlier data structures. The core component is a circular doubly linked list. Library-internal data structures are dynamically (de)allocated.

leafy - a library of different tree implementations that can be used in both the browser and node

  •    Javascript

leafy is a library of different tree implementations. leafy can be used in both the browser and node. Why would I need a tree in javascript? I have arrays and objects.

php-sorted-collections - Sorted Collections for PHP

  •    PHP

Sorted Collection for PHP. Insertion, search, and removal compute in log(n) time where n is the number of items present in the collection. It uses AVL threaded tree [see @Knuth97, 1:320, Sect. 2.3.1] as internal structure. @Knuth97: Donald E. Knuth, The Art of Computer Programming, Addison-Wesley, volumes 1 and 2, 2nd edition, 1997.

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