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AutoHotkey_L - AutoHotkey - macro-creation and automation-oriented scripting utility for Windows.

  •    C++

AutoHotkey is a free, open source macro-creation and automation software utility that allows users to automate repetitive tasks. It is driven by a custom scripting language that is aimed specifically at providing keyboard shortcuts, otherwise known as hotkeys. AutoHotkey_L started as a fork of AutoHotkey but has been the main branch for some time.

OneQuick - windows快捷键工具(屏幕边缘操作, 剪贴板增强)

  •    AutoHotkey

OneQuick is an Autohotkey script, it is both a convenient tool and an ahk library. It provides clipboard manager, screen border operation, window operation, quick menu, etc. It's also a useful library to write your own ahk code.

node-ahk - Desktop scripting with Node.js based on IronAHK ⌨🖱🔥

  •    CSharp

This project aims to use IronAHK in Node.js via Edge.js with the benefit of all the existing modules on npm.There's a project that's further ahead in development called RobotJS.

CL3 - Minimal clipboard caching utility inspired by CLCL 📋

  •    AutoHotkey

It is not meant to compete with the many clipboard caching utilities that are (freely) available, but merely as minimal program with some basic very features. As of v1.3: Press Ctrl+Shift+v to paste the current clipboard item as plain (unformatted) text - this can be useful if you have selected rich / formatted text but don't want to paste that in your current application.

F4MiniMenu - Open selected file(s) from TC in defined editor(s) - A minimalistic clone of F4Menu 💾

  •    AutoHotkey

If you have any questions or suggestions do feel free to post them at the F4MiniMenu TC Forum thread. While the original F4Menu has quite a few options, this minimalistic "clone" only has the basic functionality: opening multiple file types in various editors. There are various methods to open selected files: regular, "Drag & Drop", Filelist or by making use of a cmdline option.

pAHKlight - Your Lightweight Guide to AutoHotkey libraries, classes, functions and tools

  •    AutoHotkey

pAHKlight - Your Lightweight Guide to AutoHotkey libraries, classes, functions and tools. Questions or suggestions? Post it here http://ahkscript.org/boards/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1241 or file an issue here on GitHub. To contribute, read the info about the format below, and either post new entries for the database on the forum or create a pull request.

TF - AutoHotkey library for Text files & Variables (strings)

  •    AutoHotkey

As the name suggest this is an AutoHotkey (AHK) Library with a number of functions to "manipulate" text, both files such as *.txt, *.ahk, *.html, *.css etc AND Strings (or variables). For example you can delete specific lines, replace words or specific lines, number lines, remove or insert columns of text, etc. See the list of functions below for a complete overview. To understand how to work with files and variables please read the "Textfile and the ! Prefix" and "Files & Variables" sections below.

winctl - Windows window manipulation for node.js

  •    C++

winctl wraps a few functions of the windows api to allow iterating over currently opened windows and performing a few limited operations on them. This is not a production ready module! There is no real documentation either yet. Sorry for that. The example has to suffice for now.

AHK_Windy - Toolbox to operate on windows

  •    AutoHotkey

Functionality for easier work with mouse and windows on desktop. Multi-Monitor support is also provided ... This project was split of AHK_EDE.

keybindings - Remap arrow keys to ijkl and make use of caps lock

  •    AutoHotkey

My preferred key bindings for both Linux and Windows. Make use of caps lock, remap arrow keys to { i, j, k, l } and extra stuff.

vim_ahk - Setting file to emulate vim with AutoHotKey

  •    AutoHotkey

Setting file/exe file of AutoHotkey for Vim emulation. vim.ahk is the setting file for AutoHotkey(Autohotkey_L).

Clipjump - :clipboard: Clipboard Manager for Windows, built in AutoHotkey

  •    AutoHotkey

Clipjump is a Multiple-Clipboard management utility for Windows. It was built to make working with multiple clipboards super fast and super easy. The program records changes in the system clipboard, stores them without any limits and provides innovative ways to work with them. Docs can be compiled using Jekyll and then Microsoft's HHC. First build the website folder using Jekyll and then compile the jekyll-processed files using HHC.

overwatch - AutoHotKey based auto aiming script for overwatch

  •    AutoHotkey

This is a autoHotKey script for the online game OverWatch. It can auto-aim the adversaries when their HP bars appear. To run the script, you should set your hero to default profile (i.e., default mouse sensitive). In addition to that, you ought to set your picture rendering to low and set gamma brightness settings to default. This script works well for Soldier 76, Tracer, Bastion and Reaper. Overkill is a open-source free software, now Overkill wants to help support a school for children in Ghana. We promise that every sponsorship we receive will be donated in the name of Overkill. We wish you can donate $10 to the Patreon Project.

vimdesktop - 让所有 Windows 桌面程序拥有 Vim 操作风格的辅助工具

  •    AutoHotkey

让所有 Windows 桌面程序拥有 Vim 操作风格的辅助工具

mm-autohotkey - Forms framework for Autohotkey

  •    AutoHotkey

Forms framework is a group of modules used together to create rich AHK and AHK_L applications and graphical user interfaces. It contains the list of optional module includes with each module designed to work with or without the framework in place. It includes number of custom controls, extensions and useful libraries.

ahk-libs - AutoHotkey library archive.

  •    AutoHotkey

All the (redistributable) AutoHotkey libraries I can find... Licenses are scattered around in there somewhere.

Qonsole - A Quake-like Console Emulator written in AutoHotkey.

  •    AutoHotkey

A Quake-like Console Emulator written in AutoHotkey. Configurable with Cmd, Console2 and mintty. Sourceforge project page: https://sourceforge.net/p/qonsole-ahk Released under the MIT License.

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