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textarea-autosize - Vertically adjust a textarea based on user input without using a clone or ghost element

  •    CSS

So why build this? Many solutions didn't feel smooth. In some the textarea would flicker on entering new lines with a noticeable delay in resizing. Most were outdated and all were a lot bulkier than they had to be. Many had to use a mirror textarea or ghost element with some needing presentation values set in script. I wanted just the behavior in the script and anything regarding presentation should be controlled through CSS. Or add textarea-autosize to your application's bower.json.

react-native-writebox - ReactNative autogrow/count/bottom textarea

  •    Javascript

ReactNative component for displaying Facebook/Twitter like textarea at the bottom of the screen with character counter. Very basic component to display textarea at the bottom of the screen that will autogrow few lines when the user input more content that we could display - also there is character counter that could display how many characters are left.

react-text-input - Textarea and input components with custom scrollbars and autogrow in both axes.

  •    Javascript

Abstract component that expects arbitrary editing control as a child. Manages placeholder and autogow. One line text input component. Generally behaves like regular input. Inherits all properties from GenericInput and regular input.

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