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jedi - Awesome autocompletion and static analysis library for python.

  •    Python

If you have specific questions, please add an issue or ask on Stack Overflow with the label python-jedi. Jedi is a static analysis tool for Python that can be used in IDEs/editors. Its historic focus is autocompletion, but does static analysis for now as well. Jedi is fast and is very well tested. It understands Python on a deeper level than all other static analysis frameworks for Python.

hayaku - Fuzzy abbreviations, support for preprocessors (Sass, Less, Stylus) and a lot of other features in easily configurable set of tools for writing CSS faster

  •    Python

Hayaku is a bundle of useful scripts aiming for rapid front-end web development. The main aim of Hayaku is to create the fastest way to write and maintain CSS code in an editor.

nvim-completion-manager - :warning: PLEASE USE https://github.com/ncm2/ncm2 INSTEAD

  •    Python

This is a fast, extensible, async completion framework for neovim. For more information about plugin implementation, please read the Why section. Future updates, announcements, screenshots will be posted here. Subscribe it if you are interested.

SublimeCodeIntel - 💡 Full-featured code intelligence and smart autocomplete for Sublime Text

  •    Python

This Code Intelligence plugin for Sublime Text provides an interface to CodeIntel. CodeIntel is a code intelligence engine that was ported from Open Komodo Editor to a stand-alone Python package. ActionScript, Django, Docker, EJS, epMojo, HTML, KomodoSnippet, LaravelBlade, Mason, Mustache, MXML, PHP, R, reStructuredText, RHTML, Smarty, TracWiki, TemplateToolkit, Twig, XBL, XML, XSLT, XUL, Python, Python3, Ruby, Perl, Go, ECMAScript, JavaScript, Node.js, CSS, SCSS, Sass, Less, HTML5, Tcl, C/C++, Objective-C.

react-autosuggest - WAI-ARIA compliant React autosuggest component

  •    Javascript

Check out the Homepage and the Codepen examples. Array of suggestions to display. The only requirement is that suggestions is an array. Items in this array can take an arbitrary shape.

auto-complete - Angular2 Auto Complete

  •    TypeScript

Accepting volunteers and ready to transfer ownership.

ngui - Collection of Quality Angular2 Directives

  •    TypeScript

Accepting volunteers and ready to transfer ownership. In result of your active contribution, you will be listed as a core contributor on https://ng2-ui.github.io, and a member of ng2-ui too.

gradlr - :cyclone: Fastest auto complete for gradle tasks

  •    Javascript

First time you run gradlr it will cache the gradle tasks so the #2 time it'll load them instantantly. How does it know it needs to re-index? When caching, this tool saves a checksum of the sum of checksums of all of the projects' gradle files (META!), so it knows when you changed something and re-indexes when needed. If you commit it, your colleagues will not have to index the tasks again.

ac-octave - An auto-complete source for Octave in emacs

  •    Emacs

If you can't use ac-octave in octave-mode, check whether auto-complete-mode is running or not. Start inferior-octave in background before use ac-octave.

auto-complete-element - Auto-complete input values from server search results.

  •    Javascript

Auto-complete input values from server search results. Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

ember-cli-auto-complete - ember-cli addon that provides type-ahead selection for text inputs

  •    Javascript

Note: if you use use ember-cli to generate the component, it will create a template file e.g. my-auto-complete.hbs. Delete this if you don't intend to use it. e.g.

react-qsm - Light-weight quick-select menu with fuzzy search

  •    Javascript

Light-weight quick-select menu with fuzzy search. Inspired by the vs-code command palette. The code below creates the demo you see above.


  •    Javascript

Component that displays suggested words when you enter characters and you can quickly complete the word. More examples can be found on the left sidebar of each example page, and have fun with it.

spring-s3-properties-loader - Spring S3 Properties Loader

  •    Java

S3 Property Loader has the aim of allowing loading of Spring property files from S3 bucket, in order to guarantee stateless machine configuration. Spring PropertyConfigurer uses PropertiesFactoryBean to load property files from AWS S3 bucket.