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AudioKit - Swift audio synthesis, processing, & analysis platform for iOS, macOS and tvOS

  •    C++

Installation details are found in the Frameworks README file. There are three Hello World projects, one for each of the Apple platforms: iOS, macOS, and tvOS. They play oscillators and display waveforms. The examples rely on AudioKit's frameworks so you can either download precompiled frameworks or build them yourself .

PandoraPlayer - Lightweight music player for iOS, based on AudioKit and completely written in Swift

  •    Swift

PandoraPlayer is a lightweight music player for iOS, based on AudioKit and completely written in Swift, constructed to be fast, light and have a nice design. It can play iPod music / bundle music, Real-time two-channel visual equalizer, Standard controls etc.

AUSequencer - (WIP) MIDI Sequencer Audio Unit

  •    Objective-C++

An example project/playground for a custom Audio Unit MIDI Sequencer that you can edit the steps (inluding the step count and the MIDI events (note, pitch, cc) of each step) and work with both Audiobus MIDI and AKMIDI in Ableton Link sync. Also, a future base for MIDI sequencer AUv3 plugin. Main idea is creating an AudioUnit within an AKNode and initilize Audiobus audio sender port with that audio unit. Also, we are going to need a pair of Audiobus MIDI sender and receiver ports as well.

WebMIDIKit - Simplest MIDI Swift framework

  •    Swift

MIDI is a standard governing music software and music device interconnectivity. It lets you make music by sending data between applications and devices. WebMIDI is a browser API standard that brings the MIDI technology to the web. WebMIDI is minimal, it only describes MIDI port selection, receiving data from input ports and sending data to output ports. WebMIDI is currently implemented in Chrome & Opera. Note that WebMIDI is relatively low level as messages are still represented as sequences of UInt8s (bytes/octets).

MIDISequencer - MIDI Sequencer that sends MIDI events to other apps.

  •    Swift

MIDI Sequencer that sends MIDI events to other apps. Built top on AKSequencer of AudioKit for iOS and macOS. Create smart MIDI sequencer instruments with just focus on notes. This library has an AudioKit dependency but since AudioKit is a static library and cocopods not supporting mixing static libraries with pure Swift libraries, you need to import AudioKit manually in to your project.

OpenFrameworks-and-AudioKit-HelloWorld - Creative Audio Programming with AudioKit and OpenFrameworks

  •    Objective-C

If you're making an OpenFrameworks project that will only run on an OS X device, it's possible to include AudioKit in your OpenFrameworks project. AudioKit gives you the ability to quickly prototype great sounding instruments, and is written in pure Swift. If you're an OpenFrameworks developer who's not familiar with AudioKit, check out some of the work shown in our gallery. Hopefully they will inspire you to use AudioKit in some of your games or installations! This tutorial will show you how to add AudioKit to your OpenFrameworks project, and create a simple Hello World example. While it's a rather simple sounding oscillator, it's important to remember that anything you hear in the Gallery pages that you like can also be implemented in your Open Frameworks project. You've downloaded the AudioKit-macOS-3.6.zip.

MIDIEventKit - MIDI data structures for Swift. Send MIDI events in human language.

  •    Swift

MIDI data structures for Swift. Send MIDI events in human language. Send or receive MIDIPackets or MIDIPacketLists from CoreMIDI or AudioKit's AKMIDI easily with MIDIEventKit data structures.

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