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TYAttributedLabel - TYAttributedLabel 简单,强大的属性文本控件(无需了解CoreText),支持图文混排显示,支持添加链接,image和UIView控件,支持自定义排版显示

  •    Objective-C

TYAttributedLabel 简单,强大的属性文本控件(无需了解CoreText),支持图文混排显示,支持添加链接,image和UIView控件,支持自定义排版显示

Attributed - µframework for Attributed strings.

  •    Swift

µframework for Attributed strings. Attributed aims to be a drop in replacement to the current programming interface of NSAttributedString. The existing interface to using attributed strings has a few flaws, namely if you dont know the Key and type of value needed to set a certain attribute, you have spend time checking documentation or the reading the comments for NSAttributedString. Another concern is safety, passing a dictionary of type [String: Any] to the constructor of NSAttributedString is a potential crash at runtime waiting to happen.

M80AttributedLabel - Another attributed label using CoreText

  •    Objective-C

M80AttributedLabel is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

AttributedLabel - Easy to use, fast, and higher performance than UILabel.

  •    Swift

This is a better performance than UILabel and can be used like a standard UI component. Also, Easier to use than UILabel. Since UIView is inherited instead of UILabel, there is little wasteful processing. It uses the function of TextKit to draw characters.

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