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basscss - Low-level CSS Toolkit

  •    CSS

Basscss is a lightweight collection of immutable utilities designed for speed, clarity, performance, and scalability. Basscss v8 is the final version of Basscss, which means no major, breaking changes will be introduced. Minor features and patches may be added, but due to the nature of this CSS approach, there are virtually no bugs in Basscss.

atomic-style - Atomic class sets and dedupes

  •    Javascript

This lib provides atomic classSets and dedupes atomic classes, it is an Atomizer friendly replacement for the classNames module.The atomic style class sets helps to remove duplication when there are many components repeating the same style over and over but it should not be overused the Atomic prefered way it to have reusable components with explicit atomic classes, the dedupe feature provided by this lib is very usefull for that.

tachyons-for-js - Tachyons for CSS-in-JS

  •    Javascript

Tachyons for various CSS-in-JS solutions. There few Tachyons modules, that's difficult to include in this library. I'm still working on proper solution for those.

shed-css - Functional and customizable CSS utilities with familiar names

  •    CSS

Shed.css came about after I got tired of writing CSS. All of the CSS in the world has already been written, and there's no need to rewrite it in every one of our projects. After a bikeshedding session with @brnnbrn & @samselikoff, and me, we came up with a naming scheme we were satisfied with, and shed.css was born. — I just want to use it.

postcss-atomised - Atomise standard CSS

  •    Javascript

This is probably not stable. It was initially developed for use on the Guardian website, but it feels like it's the wrong solution to the problem of bloat + complexity. Leaving it here in case anyone finds it useful or we pick it up again. PostCSS plugin that atomises a standard set of CSS, and provides a json map from the original classes to the atomised ones.

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