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Concurrent Extensions Library (CEL)

  •    DotNet

Concurrent Extensions Library (CEL) provides functionality and implementations commonly useful in concurrent programming.

write-file-atomic - Write files in an atomic fashion w/configurable ownership

  •    Javascript

Write files in an atomic fashion w/configurable ownership

atomic-style - Atomic class sets and dedupes

  •    Javascript

This lib provides atomic classSets and dedupes atomic classes, it is an Atomizer friendly replacement for the classNames module.The atomic style class sets helps to remove duplication when there are many components repeating the same style over and over but it should not be overused the Atomic prefered way it to have reusable components with explicit atomic classes, the dedupe feature provided by this lib is very usefull for that.

steno - Simple file writer with atomic writing and race condition prevention

  •    Javascript

Simple file writer with atomic writing and race condition prevention.Can be used as a drop-in replacement to fs.writeFile().

AtomicKit - Concurrency made simple in Swift.

  •    Swift

Concurrency made simple in Swift. AtomicKit is a Swift framework designed to ease dealing with concurrency in Swift projects.

level-updater - Pseudo-atomic updates for levelup.

  •    Javascript

Pseudo-atomic update methods for levelup. Started out as level-inc, but this is more useful.The above example will probably result in a-key being set to 1 and staying there. level-updater keeps track of overlapping calls like this and handles them cleanly for you.

atomic - HTML5 circular progress indicator

  •    Javascript

Atomic is a HTML5 circular progress bar. It functions with minimal use of DOM elements, CSS and JS. Atomic will be used by the getting started pages of Nodejitsu and observe.it.To include atomic.js in your project, include it in your browserify build. For standalone usage gulp builds are available to create minified and obfuscated output.

AtomicDesign-Factories - AtomicDesign-Factories

  •    Javascript

Porém como estamos trabalhando com o Atomic Design vamos iniciar pelos átomos. Nessa minha arquitetura eu criei uma analogia dos átomos com os campos de um Schema, pois eles devem ser independentes para que possamos reusa-los.

shed-css - Functional and customizable CSS utilities with familiar names

  •    CSS

Shed.css came about after I got tired of writing CSS. All of the CSS in the world has already been written, and there's no need to rewrite it in every one of our projects. After a bikeshedding session with @brnnbrn & @samselikoff, and me, we came up with a naming scheme we were satisfied with, and shed.css was born. — I just want to use it.

kotlinx.atomicfu - The idiomatic way to use atomic operations in Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

The idiomatic way to use atomic operations in Kotlin

quark - Quark.js is a microscopic atomic CSS polyfill in JS just 140 bytes

  •    HTML

This plugin is the smallest 'atomic' CSS framework, at only 140 bytes it's small enough to fit in a tweet. There are a number of CSS frameworks like Tailwind CSS, ACSS, BassCSS, Tachyons, Universal.CSS, and Bootstrap v4 that include pre-made classes for certain properties. These can apply directly to an element in HTML as classes instead of as styles.

portable-snippets - Collection of miscellaneous portable C snippets.

  •    C

This is a collection of public domain (CC0) code snippets written in C for performing various common tasks which are typically OS, architecture, and/or compiler-dependent. Basically, our goal is to move those annoying preprocessor conditionals from your code to ours. Modules have no fixed target (such as C89) since that would preclude some functionality; instead, we simply try to provide the widest support we can for each module. If you have a platform which isn't supported for a particular feature but could be, please let us know; we'd be happy to try to work out a way to support it.

dynamodb-atomic-counter - This library provides atomic counters using Amazon DynamoDB.

  •    Javascript

This library provides atomic counters using Amazon DynamoDB. Each increment request increments a counter value that is stored in a DynamoDB table (named "AtomicCounters" by default). Multiple increment requests can be sent simultaneously but each request will receive a unique value, therefore this library can be use to generate auto-increment ids. This object is an instance of AWS.Config. To configure the internal instance of AWS.DynamoDB, you can follow one of the many methods described here or manually using this config instance.

once - Once CSS library

  •    CSS

Once CSS/SASS library solves the headache of repetitive CSS. We have adopted best practices from OOCSS and atomic/functional CSS. The goal is to write the basic widely used classes once for everyone to use and not repeat yourself. Basically one class does one specific job but can do multiple CSS properties. Import .scss files you need from sass/ directory in your projects SCSS. If you like to use all the features - you can import sass/main.scss or copy content from sass/main.scss into your project.

redis-session-sets - Koa Redis sessions with field-referencing cross sets

  •    Javascript

A redis session for Koa that creates sets for specific values. Use-case: you want to know all the sessions related to a user so that if the user resets his/her password, you destroy all the sessions.

atomic-session - Atomic sessions for Koa

  •    Javascript

Atomic sessions for Koa. Grab the session from the database asynchronously.